Wind River Visitors Council celebrates National Travel and Tourism Week, the Power of Travel

The Wind River Visitors Council (WRVC) will be celebrating the spirit of travel in Fremont County/Wind River Country as part of National Travel and Tourism Week, which takes place from May 2 to 8 this year.

“With an increasing number of people getting vaccinated, tourists are emerging from a year of isolation to reconnect to the power of travel. Here at the WRVC, we’re seeing excitement for the coming year. Our campaign, Room to Breathe, took on a new meaning in 2020. People are seeking open spaces, clean air and a connection with nature. We’re very excited to welcome tourists to our community with a renewed spirit of travel. This week, we’re celebrating you,” said WRVC Executive Director Helen Wilson.

A return to travel will come, and the immediate economic impact will be vital. In 2020, visitors to Fremont County spent $115.9 million, supporting businesses all across the county and directly employing 1,410 people.


The people who make Wind River Country so special continue to show the resiliency of the tourism industry. Whether it’s sharing interesting facts on Facebook about the wildlife of a State Park, encouraging visitors to travel responsibly, providing workspaces in lodging properties, hosting events that encourage social distancing or answering visitor questions about all there is to see and do, the hospitality community continues to connect with the world while building each other up. That spirit can’t be broken.

Take time during National Travel and Tourism Week to applaud the people in your community who embody the Power of Travel. Thank them, spend some money with them, and join the WRVC in advocating responsible travel.

The WRVC is the entity responsible, through the lodging tax, for promoting tourism in Fremont County. For more information, visit


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