Wind River Startup Challenge: Native FX

(Fort Washakie, WY) – Native FX owner and artist Eustace Day is an Eastern Shoshone Tribal Member and one of the eight finalists for the 2021 Wind River Startup Challenge.

He has been an artist on the Wind River Reservation for around 25 years and started doing it full-time in the last two years.

His wide variety of custom artwork can be found on t-shirts, hats, signs, murals, decals and so much more. He has also created numerous business logos – including for other challenge finalists.


Wind River Trading Company in Fort Washakie carries a few of Eustace’s t-shirts, and he recently painted bike racks for the Lander Cycling Club.

“I’ve painted on the weirdest things,” he chuckled. “It’s been awesome; things are escalating like crazy.”

Custom crosses are one of his more popular items, noting it’s part of the healing process. He emphasized the importance of working with customers to see their vision. “Satisfaction is key in business as well as quality over quantity.”

He was always into art and remembers drawing feathers in 3rd grade. He did a lot of graffiti art and started airbrushing in his 20s, and has added digital art.

“I didn’t finish high school, got married at 18, and had a family to support,” he shared. “I didn’t think art could provide enough support, but that changed in my later years.”


Over a decade ago, Eustace was working as a custodian at Fort Washakie School when the superintendent at the time approached him to do a mural in the multipurpose room. This is his largest piece of artwork – around 40 feet x 90 feet.

His work can also be seen at the Shoshone Rose Casino. He did the majority of murals as well as the logo. One of the Eastern Shoshone Tribe’s logos was also created by Eustace.

“Most of my work is based on the Wind River Reservation, but I try not to limit myself or my audience. I want to be able to reflect on all ages, races, and types.”

He is also working on Christian-based merchandise lines called So So Blessed and Kingz Warrior Swagg under the brand name Native FX.

He attributes his recent growth to become a full-time artist to “staying on the path of righteousness.”

“Ever since I got my relationship with the Lord, it really took off,” Eustace said.

As for the future, worldwide is his goal. “I would like to have someone in Europe wearing a Native-made shirt.”

A website is in the works, in the meantime, those interested in Eustace’s artwork or inquiring about a custom piece can visit the Native FX Facebook page.

County 10 attempted to connect with all of the Wind River Startup Challenge finalists to do a story on their proposed businesses but did not hear back from everyone.

Click here to see all of the stories about finalists we were able to interview.

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