Wind River Startup Challenge: Goose’s Kitchen

(Wind River Reservation, WY) – Goose’s Kitchen is owned and operated by Chef Leslie Spoonhunter and was recently named one of the 2021 Wind River Startup Challenge winners.

Leslie received both a culinary and culinary business degree from Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts in Colorado and began down the path to open a food truck.

Her specialties will be more Indigenous-based foods including bison, venison, and berries to name a few. The menu will be rotating and include items such as burgers, protein bowls, southern dishes and more.


Leslie noted she has been cooking ever since she can remember.

“Our family motto is ‘we meet to eat,'” she chuckled. “I learned a lot from my aunts and mom on both sides. We were always sitting down at the table and enjoying meals together.”

She was nicknamed “Goose” growing up and it remained a family joke. “I decided I’m going to embrace the name and go with it.”

h/t Leslie Spoonhunter – Goose’s Kitchen Logo

Goose’s Kitchen will be based in Arapahoe to provide lunch options for folks who work in the area at places like Wind River Cares. In addition to lunches, she will be offering up catering as well.


Leslie is working on getting social media and her website up and going right now, but she is ready to serve the community.

“To Fremont County and Wind River Reservation, I am so excited to be available to you and hope to have folks come enjoy great food,” she shared.

County 10 attempted to connect with all of the Wind River Startup Challenge finalists to do a story on their proposed businesses but did not hear back from everyone.


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