Wind River rolls to 2-0 with 76-6 win over St. Stephen’s

It’s a long afternoon no matter which side of blowout you find yourself on. Wind River opened their home schedule in a big way Thursday afternoon at Leroy Sinner Field in Pavillion with a 76-6 walloping of Fremont County rival St. Stephen’s.

The Cougars did all their scoring in the opening two periods, building an insurmountable 76-0 lead by the half.

Carter Fowler scored on a run around left end. {h/t Jessica Schooner}

Wind River’s first unit scored quickly on long breakaway runs off simple sweeps and power plays. Defensively the Cougars stymied the Eagles throughout the first two periods.

Wind River kicked off a dozen times against the Eagles {h/t Jessica Schooner}

When the opening kick of the third period hit the receiver, the clock ran unabated for the remained of the game via the “mercy rule.” A rule instituted to provide a running clock when one team took a 45-point lead over the other.

In the abbreviated second half, the Eagles scored a touchdown against the Cougar reserves.

Raincloud SunRhodes missed a tackle on a Wind River running back {h/t Jessica Schooner}

It was the second week in a row St. Stephen’s gave up 70 points or more, the first came in opening weekend action against Lingle Ft. Laramie in a 70-0 decision.

For the fourth ranked Cougars, it was also the second week in a row that they put the mercy rule into action.


Wind River is 2-0 on the season with an interesting game next Friday at 6 p.m. against the vastly improved Riverside Rebels.

Jaycee Herbert broke a St. Stephen’s tackle on a 35-yard punt return for a touchdown with Calder Johnson looking for a block {h/t Jessica Schooner}

Wind River Statistics:

Carter Fowler – 73 passing, 15, rushing – touchdown passes to Chris Burke 40-yards and Calder Johnson 30-yards


Jaycee Herbert – 121 rushing, 32-yard touchdown run, 35-yard punt return touchdown,

Chris Burke – 22 rushing – 17-yard touchdown run, 40-yard touchdown pass

Cooper Frederick 157-yards rushing, 31-yard touchdown run, 10-yard touchdown run, 45-yard touchdown run, four two-point conversion runs


Calder Johnson – 3 rushing, 30 passing, one 30-yard touchdown reception, one two-point conversion


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