Wind River Job Corps had over 60 graduates at Aug. 27 ceremony

    (Riverton, WY) – On Friday, Aug. 27, the Wind River Job Corps center located in Riverton, Wyoming, conducted a virtual graduation ceremony for 61 graduates, complete with a cap-and-gown student procession, inspirational advice and student addresses.

    The ceremony was viewed by an estimated 100 participants including past students and family, current students and staff, as well as Wyoming’s congressional representatives and members of the Wyoming community.

    To view the ceremony in its entirety, click here, with passcode: JcVpKgh3.

    Center Director Dr. Kristen Benson was the master of ceremonies, and went on to introduce Lyn Pinnick, from Alternate Perspectives, the center’s operational contractor for the U.S. Dept. of Labor.

    Ms. Pinnick spoke about the challenges of graduates searching for jobs in the early days of the pandemic-induced economic shutdown, of the culture-shifting impact of distance learning, and unpredictable delays in center-based training resumption.

    “Despite everything Covid threw at you, you displayed perseverance and reached for success,” Pinnick stated. “Take the strength you forged this past year into your future.”

    The remarkable nature of obtaining a job-focused technical education this past year was the theme presented by Dr. Jennifer Wild, API’s President and CEO.

    “You alone have done something that no other student in the entire 57 year history of the nation’s Job Crops, has done before. You have completed your training, and graduated, in the midst of a global pandemic,” Wild commented. “The tenacity you have shown will serve you well through your entire life.”

    Quoting an Edgar Guest poem, she then encouraged students to “Tackle that thing that can not be done, and go do it.”

    Dr. Benson then introduced the Keynote speaker, John Ferrelli, CEO of SageWest Lander and Riverton.

    John Ferrelli, CEO of SageWest in Lander and Riverton, offered Wind River Job Corps graduates advice at the Aug. 27 virtual graduation. h/t Wind River Job Corps photo.

    Mr. Ferrelli spoke of his life-long dream of being a doctor, and how at college completion, he was devastated to learn it was a dream that would not be, at least not in that fashion. But by keeping an open mind, and venturing into open doors, new dreams are found and flourish.

    Ferrelli said for him, “Life has been a series of adventures, but life also comes with adversity. The challenge is not how you deal with your successes, but how you face adversity.”

    He implored students to embrace opportunities as the gift that they are, to welcome challenges, and when faced with adversity, “fight like hell.”

    Student speakers Jacob Loomis (heavy equipment operator and truck driving student) and Lisaira DeLuna (heavy equipment mechanic and truck driving student) took to the podium next.

    Jacob thanked the staff and instructors at Wind River Job Corps, going on to say that Job Corps has given him “the tools to succeed and make a better life for me and my family.”

    Graduation student speaker Jacob Loomis thanked Wind River Job Corps for helping him attain the skills that will shape the future for him and his family. Jacob is the father to a 4-year old girl. h/t Wind River Job Corps photo.

    Lisaira told students how proud she was of all of their efforts, and that they “managed to stay motivated and persevere.”

    Lisaira DeLuna Munoz is able to tear the tracks off this dozer and replace them. She completed her training as a heavy equipment mechanic, as well as truck driver, and will begin her career as a diesel mechanic with FedEx Freight in Henderson, Colorado. h/t Wind River Job Corps photo.

    She is encouraged to see more females training in male dominated trades, and by how that will impact future generations.

    Her advice to current students was, “If you really want it, take a leap of faith. You can do it.”

    Wind River Job Corps staff, Scott Belscher, instructor and Jennifer Foos, student scheduler, jump in on Lisaira DeLuna Munoz’s graduation photos. h/t Wind River Job Corps photo.

    Wind River Job Corps staff Patricia Granlund, programs director, Meagan Mosbrucker, academics manager and Paul Calonge, petroleum instructor presented the graduates, whose names are listed below alphabetically, within their chosen trades.

    Dr. Benson then presented a “year in review” music video that showed the students and extraordinary measures Wind River Job Corps experienced.

    The meeting was brought to a close with the traditional, albeit virtual imaginary, movement of the tassel, signifying the change from student to graduate.


    Blanca Campos
    Worland, WY
    Grad Date: 5/27/2021
    Working: Operating Engineers in Casper, WY

    Jamielynn Mazurek
    Colorado Springs, CO
    Grad Date: 8/25/2020
    Advanced Training: HVAC, Westover, MA
    Working: WireNut Home Services, Colorado Springs, CO

    Arnel J Musgrave
    Salida, CO
    Grad Date: 8/5/2021
    Working: ADK Electric Corp, Wyoming & Colorado

    Dani Nelsen
    Brighton, CO
    Grad Date: 4/12/2021
    Advanced Training: Photo Voltaic (Solar) at Earle C. Clements Job Corps
    Working: Kimbel Mechanical Systems, Fayetteville, AR

    Eduardo Perez
    Westminster, CO
    Grad Date: 6/3/2021
    Working: Apartment Management Consultants, Aurora, CO
    Rylee Ronstadt from Lubbock, TX
    Grad Date: September 2021
    Joining: US Army

    Tanner Vanderploeg
    Kersey, CO
    Grad Date: September 2021
    Joining: US Army


    Xavier Jones
    Aurora, CO
    Grad Date: 5/06/2021
    Working: E & K Construction, Denver, CO

    Gabe Richins
    Clinton, UT
    Grad Date: 8/23/2021
    Working: Apprenticeship for Daw Construction Group, Draper, UT

    Dartanion J Rosendahl
    Riverton, WY
    Grad Date: 4/8/21
    Working: Upright Construction, Riverton, WY

    Brandon Smith
    Riverton, WY
    Grad Date: 8/05/2021
    Working: TDS Construction, Casper, WY

    Samson Tewelde
    Boulder, CO
    Grad Date: 4/22/2021
    Working: E & K Construction, Denver, CO


    Dylan Baxter
    Hanna, WY
    Grad Date: September, 2021

    Tyler Brewer
    Fountain, CO
    Grad Date: 6/22/20
    Dairy Queen, Fountain, CO

    Nicolas Colombo Garcia
    Colorado Springs, CO
    Grad Date: 4/19/2021
    Advanced Training: HVAC, Westover, MA

    Evan Guillen
    Rock Springs, WY
    Grad Date: 12/4/20
    Working: Smith’s Food & Drug Store, Rock Springs, WY

    Joseph Herrera
    Commerce City, CO
    Grad Date: 9/10/20
    Working: Tint Logistics, Littleton, CO

    Jaycob Long
    Riverton, WY
    Grad Date: 11/17/20
    Working: Hoffman Electric, Riverton, WY

    Jonah Michaels
    Powell, WY
    Grad Date: September, 2021


    Lisaira DeLuna Munoz
    Thornton, CO
    Grad Date: 9/4/21
    Double-trade with Heavy Truck Driving (Class A & B)
    Working: FedEx Freight, Henderson, CO

    Michael Huntington
    Littleton, CO
    Grad Date: 6/14/2021
    Double-trade with Truck Driving, CDL A
    Advanced Training: Toyota 10, Clearfield Job Corps, UT

    Kristine Silveira
    Casper, WY
    Grad Date: 6/01/2021
    Working: Prototek Manufacturing, Contoocook, NH

    Brendan Small
    Riverton, WY
    Grad Date: September 2021


    Broderick Bell
    Rock Springs, WY
    Grad Date: 1/13/21
    Continuing education at Western Wyoming Community College, Rock Springs, WY

    Nicholas Finnegan
    Lee Summit, MO
    Grad Date: 5/06/2021
    Working: KR Swerdfeger Construction, Pueblo, CO

    Joe Hawkins
    Bend, OR
    Grad Date: 6/14/2021
    Advanced Training in Transportation at Excelsior Springs Job Corps, MO

    Travis Johnson
    Akron, CO
    Grad Date: 5/06/2021
    Working: Coggins & Sons, Foundation Contractors, Littleton, CO

    James Levenhagen
    Denver, CO
    Grad Date: 6/23/20
    Working: KR Swerdfeger Construction, Pueblo, CO

    Jacob Loomis
    Henderson, CO
    Grad Date: 9/4/21
    Double-trade with Heavy Truck Driving (CDL A & B)
    Working: Henderson, CO

    Efrain Rivero
    Amarillo, TX
    Grad Date: 6/18/2021
    Working: Deeds Construction, Amarillo, TX

    Hailey Smith
    Rawlins, WY
    Grad Date: 10/26/20
    Working: C.J. Mahan Construction, Grove City, OH

    Juan Valdez
    Cheyenne, WY
    Grad Date: 4/17/21
    Working: L & W Supply, Cheyenne, WY

    Martin Velasquez
    Powell, WY
    Grad Date: 06/08/2021
    Working: Mountain Construction Company, Lovell, WY

    HOSPITALITY TRADE, CWC Certification:

    Tanisha Begay
    Dennehotso, AZ
    Grad Date: 9/4/21
    Working: Hilton, Longmont, CO

    Selene Carrion Loredo
    Las Vegas, NV
    Grad Date: 6/03/2021
    Working: Cricket Wireless, Las Vegas

    Liliana Gates
    Westminster, CO
    Grad Date: 5/27/2021
    Working: Hilton, Longmont, CO

    Alina Heim
    Colorado Springs, CO
    Grad Date: 8/21/2021
    Working: Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Co

    Moncerrat Naranjo Salazar
    Taylorsville, UT
    Grad Date: 2/23/21
    Working two jobs: United Parcel Service and Smith’s Foods, Utah

    MEDICAL TRADE, CWC Certification:

    Saraih Esparza
    Longmont, CO
    Grad Date: 6/22/20
    Working: King Soopers, Longmont, CO

    Valeria Ivanchenko
    Aurora, CO
    Grad Date: 6/29/20
    Working: YG Dental Tech, Denver, CO

    Skylor Smith
    Westcliffe, CO
    Grad Date: 5/06/2021
    Working: Community Health Centers of Central Wyoming
    Riverton, WY


    Leroy Bella
    Denver, CO
    Grad Date: 12/21/20
    Working: Fleet Logix, Aurora, CO

    Tamika Casey
    Towoac, CO
    Grad Date: 5/14/2021
    Working: FedEx Freight, Salt Lake City, UT

    Tarren Friday
    Riverton, WY
    Grad Date: 3/12/20
    Working: Sacred Children’s Program of Northern Arapaho, Araphoe, WY

    Kimberlie Hazelett
    Riverton, WY
    Grad Date: 11/17/20
    Working: Riverton Laundromat and Cleaners, Riverton, WY

    Larry Woolard
    Webster City, IA
    Grad Date: 4/18/2021
    Working: Hyvee Foods, Iowa


    Sedrick Adams
    Baton Rouge, LA
    Grad Date: 7/10/2021
    Joined US Military (Air Force)

    Jason Cook
    Avondale, LA
    Grad Date: 6/08/2021

    Derrick L. Johnson, Jr.
    Converse, TX
    Grad Date: 6/08/2021
    Working: Smith’s Food & Drug Stores, Riverton, WY

    Raheem Main
    Ft. Belknap, MT
    Grad Date: 11/05/2020

    Robert Matson
    Parker, CO
    Grad Date: 12/21/20
    Joined US Army

    David Rocheleau
    Hopkinton, NH
    Grad Date: 7/27/2020
    Working: Concord, New Hampshire

    George Thomas III
    Baton Rouge, LA
    Grad Date: 7/04/2021
    Working: Fed Ex Freight, Arizona

    Meleni Varela
    Katy, TX
    Grad Date: 7/30/2021
    Working: StaffMark, Houston, TX

    (Students earn both commercial licenses to drive Class A and B vehicles.)

    Ronald Bowstring
    Riverton, WY
    Grad Date: 3/13/20
    Working: Northern Arapaho Tribe, Arapahoe, WY

    Damarlo Brown
    Donaldsville, LA
    Grad Date: 10/26/20
    Working: Schneider Trucking, Houston, TX

    Matthew Camper
    Converse, Tx
    Grad Date: 8/07/2021
    Double trade with Petroleum Technician
    Working: Transverse America, IN

    Treylin Demuchest
    Katy, TX
    Grad Date: 3/12/20
    Working: Jasay Elite Trucking, Houston, TX
    Angela Green from Sweet Home, OR
    Grad Date: 5/27/2021

    Tyler Potvin
    Anaconda, MT
    Grad Date: 2/8/21
    Working: Builders First Source, Anaconda, MT

    Kevin Young
    Lubbock, TX
    Grad Date: 6/17/2021
    Working: Swift Trucking, Houston, TX


    Nathaniel Kiraly
    Windsor, CO
    Grad Date: 3/04/2021
    Working: Professional Piping Services, Phoenix, Arizona

    Juwan Oates
    Johnstown, CO
    Grad Date: 3/16/20
    Working: High Country Pipe and Utility, Johnstown, CO

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