Wind River Internet distributes 20 Samsung tablets to St. Stephens Elementary School

    Technology is everything these days, but some places don’t have access to it.  Wind River Internet is in the business of fixing that problem.

    For the past few years, they have been laying fiber along 17 mile road from Ethete down to Great Plains. Plans are to provide this access to the entire Wind River Indian Reservation. This high-speed Internet access is a huge step in the right direction for the future of technology on the Reservation.

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    Recently, Samsung provided Wind River Internet with 100 tablets to distribute to tribal members. The only stipulation was that they can not be sold. Each tablet has been engraved with the WRI  and Arapaho Tribe logo.

    Pat Lawson of WRI (left) handed over the tablets to K-8 Principal, Jim Stewart.

    On Tuesday, April 16th, 20 tablets were given to St. Stephens Elementary. Pat Lawson of WRI presented the tablets to K-8 Principal, Jim Stewart. Stewart says the tablets will be used as incentive prizes for outstanding students who meet the criteria of perfect attendance, good grades, and good behavior.

    “We’re excited about this. These will be a big encouragement for kids,” Stewart stated.

    Stewart was pleased to hear that beginning this week, St. Stephens School will be experiencing the benefits of fiber with speeds much faster than their current internet speed.


    St Stephens is the latest to get their tablets. Arapaho School received there tablets late last year and Fort Washakie schools last month. Wyoming Indian will be getting there’s next week.



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