#10Life: Wind River Easter scavenger hunt provides spring fun for county residents

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Wind River Community Scavenger Hunts are giving residents an opportunity at a modern-day treasure hunt across the Wind River Indian Reservation.

Community residents are encouraged to place something of value inside of an Easter egg and hide it somewhere near their community. The person who hides the egg can then give clues on the Scavenger Hunt Facebook page. Whoever finds the egg first gets the prize and bragging rights on social media.


The idea was constructed by Fort Washakie’s Mike Chingman. “One day I thought, I’m going to put $40 in an Easter egg and see if my community will look for it. I made a post about it to see if anyone else wanted to donate,” Chingman said. “I had 3 other people and Hines General Store donate, it was an amazing sight to see. There were families all over Fort Washakie looking for the eggs. We decided we are going to do scavenger hunts all year.”

Chingman’s efforts were assisted by Heather Pasquinelli, Allie Watt, and Hailey Norris.

Some of the eggs have contained cash, beadwork, jewelry, gift cards, and sweet treats.

Together, the group has gained over 300 Facebook followers to watch for the next clue. Easter-themed hunts have been happening throughout April. The next big scavenger hunt will be planned around Mother’s Day, which happens on the weekend of May 12th.




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