Wind River Country Ranch Listed in New York Times ‘52 Places to Go in 2019’

    Rotating thumbnail pictures and small texts rotate on a page in the New York Times website. One of those small words, amidst “Hong Kong” and “Islands of Tahiti” and “Uzbekistan” is the destination: “Wyoming.”

    This week, the New York Times named Wyoming one of its 52 places to go in 2019. The picture featured at the top of the section about the Equality State is of a woman riding a horse near Dubois. One of the experiences specifically mentioned in Wyoming is the Women’s Wellness Pack Trip with Allen’s Diamond 4 Ranch. Both Dubois and Allen’s Diamond 4 Ranch are situated in Wyoming’s Wind River Country/Fremont County.

    “Wind River Country really shines in this piece,” said Wind River Visitors Council Communications Manager Casey Adams. “Wyoming was selected for this list in large part because of this year’s sesquicentennial celebration of women’s suffrage, which has its roots here in Wind River Country.”

    The 1869 bill that gave women the right to vote and hold public office in the Territory of Wyoming was introduced by Willing Bright of South Pass City. The following year, Esther Hobart Morris became the first female justice of the peace in the entire United States, also in South Pass City. One hundred fifty years later, South Pass City State Historical Site, the Wind River Mountains, Lander, and Dubois are being celebrated by travelers in the know.

    Take the New York Times’ advice. Drive the Wyoming Women’s Suffrage Pathway. Embark on Allen’s women’s wellness retreat on horseback deep into pristine mountains. Dance with Native American women and hear their stories firsthand. Learn from a female rock-climbing guide. Soak up the energy of countless women-owned businesses across the county.

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