Wind River Composite Squadron Cadet Chief Master Sergeant attends Alaska Powered Flight Academy

    (Riverton, WY) – From May 28th to June 6th, Cadet Chief Master Sergeant Ciely Daly of the Wind River Composite Squadron, had the privilege of attending the Civil Air Patrol’s (CAP) Powered Flight Academy held in Anderson, Alaska.

    There she learned to fly Cessna 172s under the guidance of Civil Air Patrol flight instructors. Cadet Daly was the first member of her squadron to attend a National Cadet Special Activity (NCSA) activities sponsored by Civil Air Patrol wings around the country.

    Cadet Chief Master Sergeant Ciely Daly of the Wind River Composite Squadron. h/t Wind River Composite Squadron.

    Powered flight academies are particularly coveted at the NCSA, since they offer participants the chance to fly for ten hours in a CAP aircraft, and potentially the opportunity to solo.


    While windy conditions during the latter half of the week prevented Daly from mastering landings to the level required to reach this milestone, she completed ground school and passed a written test and knowledge exam, allowing her to wear pre-solo wings on her CAP blues.

    “I was Cadet Daly’s flight instructor,” commented Maj. Benjamin Padgett of the Lake Hood Cadet Squadron. ”Besides windy weather, we also had to use another airport on some days because of conflicts with the glider academy which was scheduled concurrently with the powered flight academy. Otherwise I believe she would have been able to solo.”

    Daly and crew pose. h/t Wind River Composite Squadron.

    “Cadet Daly is enthusiastic and a fast learner. I hope her squadron can have a Cessna 172 aircraft in the near future so other cadets like her can have a full opportunity to learn to fly.”

    Daly’s wingman was Cadet Lt. Col. Kathryn Homa of the Virginia Wing, and in total there were eleven cadets attending the activity from around the country, three of them female.


    “I feel incredibly grateful to CAP for offering me this opportunity to explore the third dimension and learn to fly,” Daly stated. “I am interested in working in aviation or emergency services, or maybe aeromedical aviation, and this was an awesome way to get a glimpse of what being a pilot is like.”

    “Not only did I get to fly, but I got to fly in one of the most beautiful, rugged parts of the country. A bonus was that a quick turn-around-a-point could lead to sighting multiple moose, bear, and trumpeter swans. Both flying and Alaska are things I intend to experience again!”

    Cadet Daly also serves as First Sergeant of cadets for the squadron. She recently passed her EMT course and plans to take the Emergency Medical Technicians National Registry Exam.


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