Wind River Cares “care” about Fremont County – Five ways to reduce stress

Wind River Family and Community Health Care understand that you and your family are facing many challenges right now. We want you to know that we will do what we can to support you and give you information that will be useful in the coming days and potentially weeks. We consider all of you our family and families have to pull together in difficult times.

We thought we could give you some tips that might be useful from our Behavioral Health team.

Five Tips To Reduce Stress:
We want you to try these tips to help reduce stress.

Tip #1: Recognize how you Feel: This is important because if we can recognize how we feel it helps us to understand our view on the situation. That leads us to be able to find healthy ways to cope. We may not be able to fix the situation but we can understand how to cope with these challenging times better by acknowledging how we feel and how the situation is personally impacting us.

Tip # 2: Talk to someone you trust about your Feelings: Humans are social and now that we are under this stress to be “ Socially Distant” use your phone, computer, telephone and reach out to talk to someone. Chances are someone else is feeling the same way. It helps to reduce the loneliness that stress can cause; just by talking to someone.

Tip #3: Take time to Relax: Often we have many demands on us. We Frequently get busy with the things that we are required to do. Many times we forget to stop and take a break. Just to relax and breathe (away from others). Time to reconnect with nature or our surroundings. Physical activity such as taking a walk. Taking care of your physical needs by getting enough sleep, good nutrition, and drinking plenty of water. Often if we stop and reconnect with ourselves we can refresh enough to continue with the tasks ahead.

Tip # 4: Find Gratitude in the things you have: We might not have all of the things we wished for (toilet Paper is in high need right now), however, we can look at the people, places, things, traditions, values, love, support, charity, and kindness that we all have. We all can look around at what we have and be thankful that we have them. An attitude of gratitude helps reduce stress by knowing we will make it through this.

Tip # 5: Prayer and Meditation: We have a deep culture of knowing that these are the tools that will carry us through. Take time to pray and to reconnect to our spirit. Many things are out of our control but knowing that we do have things that we can do will help put us at ease. We can prepare and do what we need to do to make it through this. Encourage those around you and keep loving and supporting each other. We can make this a less stressful situation together.

As always you can call and talk to a provider at Behavioral Health by phone 307-856-9281. Take things one at a time and don’t get overwhelmed. You got this!


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