WIHS NASA HUNCH teams presented in Billings Tuesday

    (Billings, MT) – The Wyoming Indian High School NASA HUNCH teams presented their prototypes for critical design review to engineers from the Johnson Space Center and college professors on Tuesday, March 7.

    The NASA HUNCH teams spend most of the year designing and building prototypes for either the International Space Station or for when we go to the moon here in another year or two, shared teacher Scott Krassin.

    They send out specific projects each year with a very limited amount of information, with maybe a page, maybe two pages of the constraints and problems – like temperature ranges and antigravity. The students research, begin problem-solving, and get turned loose on the project to test and build prototypes.


    In October, they had a Zoom preliminary design review with NASA engineers. The engineers gave the students ideas about their prototypes in preparation for this week’s big presentation.

    Now, the students wait to hear if their project has been selected for the finals.

    “If you get into that finals, then I think somewhere in the middle of April, you get to go down to Houston, and you present it to the astronauts,” Krassin explained.

    Our local students will find out within the next two weeks if they’ve been selected.


    Wyoming Indian and Jackson are the only two schools in Wyoming that have been selected to participate in the NASA HUNCH Program, with only around 350 schools nationwide.

    County 10 will have more info on the prototypes and the outcome of the critical design review in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!


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