Why CWC, Why Now?

    Sometimes, you just have to make your way here, open the door, find your way in, make the connection and things start to happen! Like Tapaynga….

    “I was worried about not knowing what to do and it was a bit of a panic. None of my other plans were working out and I knew if I waited a year I wouldn’t go to college. I walked in 12 days before semester started, I didn’t know anyone and I didn’t know what to do. The people at Rustler Central helped lead me in the direction of where I needed to go and I was able to explore the things I was interested in. I started classes; I felt overwhelmed at times but I knew there was support at CWC to help me to continue and do the best that I could do.”

    In two years Tapaynga made her way at CWC with a degree in theatre and criminal justice. She is now making her way at Idaho State University.







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