50% off Wellness Scans at Natural Health Solutions – July only

    Success at Natural Health Solutions is based upon improvement of overall patient health. A significant contributor to overall health starts from the inside out.

    This month, July, at Natural Health Solutions, you can receive 50% off of all NES scans, this deal includes both new patient scans and established patient re-scans.

    Dr. Walt Conard of Natural Health Solutions describes the Nutri-Energetic System (NES) test as “a clinical device used to evaluate wellness by analyzing the human body-field. By mapping the structure of the human body-field, the computer system can identify deviations between the patient’s field and optimal human body-field. These deviations represent damage, blocks, or distortions in the patient’s field.”

    The wellness evaluation equipment consists of a computer and hand scanning device. Within seconds of placing a hand on the scanner, 145 wellness indicators are determined and displayed on the computer screen: providing details on nutritional status, digestive issues, energy levels, joint problems and more.

    After reviewing the scan Dr. Conard will select nutrition and supplements to help move the body toward homeostasis, or balance.

    If you are struggling with chronic pain, a lack of energy or just don’t feel like yourself; call Natural Health Solutions today at 307-856-8181 or visit 705 E. Fremont Ave. in Riverton.

    Schedule a FREE consultation or 50% off NES test and walk away with the info you need to get your body to the wellness it needs.

    Natural Health Solutions is located at 705 E. Fremont Ave. in Riverton.

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