Who’s that getting all the sky-high shots? Now that’s just Rood

    Don Rood, meet County 10’ers. 10’ers, meet Don Rood of Rood Dog Video Productions.

    Don’s the guy that’s been capturing all those amazing shots across the county and a pilot with over 4 decades of experience. Rood is fully licensed by the FAA as a UAV Pilot, Fly FAA Registered Drones and is fully insured.

    You’re probably familiar with some of his work!

    North Federal Construction


    Shoshoni Demo


    and Scenic Views of Wyoming

    Rood Dog Video Productions is becoming well known for its stunning Aerial Photography and Videography. Much of their recent work has been commercial however they are starting to bridge over to personal requests, such as Aerial Wedding Photography, in conjunction with your professional wedding photographer.

    In addition to Aerial Photography and Video, Rood Dog can transfer all your old files from antiquated storage devices to a more useable format. You can once again enjoy that hilarious video of your Aunt losing her cool at a wedding reception, seeing long lost relatives at family reunions or baby’s first steps. The possibilities are endless.

    Digital Archival from multiple forms of media include:

    • Regular 8 and Super 8 mm Film. Film is cleaned, repaired as necessary, then Scanned, Frame by Frame. Titles and Music Can Added if requested.
    • Standard VHS Video Tapes, 8mm and Hi8 Video Tapes, Beta Video Tapes, Mini DV Digital Video Tapes. Dead Air and Non-Usable Video is Edited Out at
    • No Charge. Custom Titles and Chapters are Available.
    • Floppy Discs With .jpg Picture Files Copied to New Media.
    • Slides, Photos and Negatives Scanned to Digital Files. We Do Some Negatives that the Big Box Stores Can’t Do. Negatives are scanned to positive .jpg files.
    • All pricing is agreed to before the job begins. Credit Cards are accepted.

    Rood Dog Video works by appointment only. Call or text 307-840-3551 or email [email protected].

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