Who’s leading the Best in the 10 Margarita contest? Last Day to Vote!

    The County 10 ‘Best in the 10: Margarita’ contest has been taking over local bars in Fremont County with local bartenders showcasing delicious handcrafted margaritas all for the chance to win some cash and bragging rights! Tequila Comisario, the liquor of choice for all recipes, has sponsored this amazing contest and is giving $500 cash to the number one bartender with the best margarita!

    The contest ends today, May 20th at Midnight! Check out the contest page here and vote for the Best Margarita in the 10!

    There have been over 2200 votes so far and guess who is in the lead? ……. Shi Smith at Cedar Bar -535 votes!

    Here are the rest of the standings:
    2) Shannon Hayes of Lander Bar & Coalter Loft -464 votes
    3) Blaine Stafford of Derby Club -443 votes
    Audrey King of Bar 10 -267 votes
    Elaine Lackey of Midvale Store -193 votes
    Esperanza Rivera of Liquid Courage -72 votes
    Brittney Lynch of Riverton Country Club 307 Bar & Grill -67 votes
    Georgia Epperson of Boysen Marina -32 votes
    Isaiah Meyers of Liquid Courage -30 votes
    Kayla Leidy of the Depot -27 votes
    Lauren Broom of Rustic Pine Tavern -24 votes
    Esperanza Rivera of Liquid Courage 2 -24 votes
    Angela Perez of Mamaw’s Kitchen -22 votes
    Kathy Apodaca of Hilltop -19 votes
    Ann Epp of Outlaw Saloon -17 votes

    Get out and taste these delicious margaritas! Thank you to our Presenting Sponsor, Tequila Comisario for this amazing contest!

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