Who moves to the General Election?

(Fremont County, WY) – Since the Primary Election in August, there have been a lot of questions going around about who has moved on to the General Election at a municipal level.

With the canvass now complete and the results certified, hopefully, this will clear up any confusion.

As a rule, municipal candidates will advance to the General as follows: If it is a vote for one, then the top two will advance to the General Election. Similarly, if the office is a vote for two, then four will advance to the General Election.


Below are the current candidates at the municipal level you will find on the November ballot.


Dubois: Patricia Neveaux & Jason Kintzler

Hudson: Michael Anderson & Sherry Oler


Lander: Dan Hahn & Monte Richardson

Pavillion: Richard Matthew Pattison

Riverton: Timothy Hancock & Richard Gard


Shoshoni: Joel Highsmith & Jordan Whitener


Dubois: 2Y: Randall Lahr / Bruce Thompson, Amanda Ysen & Dave Neary


Hudson: Mary Anne Robeson, Bruno Bonella & Josh Williams

Lander: Ward 1: Joshua Hahn & Oakley Corsick-Boycott / Ward 2: Missy White & Austin Shields / Ward 3: John Larsen

Pavillion: 2Y: Patricia Johnson & Lori Blowers / Jacque Stoldt

Riverton: Ward 1: Dean Peranteaux & Kyle Larson / Ward 2: Karla Borders / Ward 3: Michael Bailey

Shoshoni: Beau Weaver, Tammie Hardtke & Jim Litz

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