White Markings on Lander Streets

    In the last week, you may have noticed white “x” markings on many Lander intersections. The City of Lander would like to inform the public that these markings are for an upcoming project that will be taking place with the Fremont County Assessor’s Office. In the next few weeks, planes will be flying over the county to update the imagery. As an added benefit, the City of Lander has placed markers on the street which will provide highly accurate mapping to be used for future engineering projects. The high-definition imagery will reduce the amount of future surveying work that has to be performed to design new infrastructure replacement projects that include upgrading water mains, sewer mains, and roadways within the community.

    Fremont County is already investing in this project and this additional effort on the City’s part will create quality imagery with a high degree of accuracy. If you see low-flying planes in the next few weeks, please do not be alarmed.

    h/t City of Lander

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