Shane has a problem.

    Shane has an issue he needs to address. His recliner selection has gotten out of control.

    It’s like when your kid starts “collecting rocks” – it starts with one and then you turn around and things look like a rock quarry!

    They’ve got patterned recliners, high leg recliners, power recliners, overstuffed, understuffed, soft, hard, big, small, they’ve even got the one with USB ports so you can charge your devices without walking three extra feet to an outlet – now that’s comfort!!


    So, the Gamble’s team broke out The Wheel to have a little fun…and get ride of the rapidly reproducing recliner problem.

    Here’s the deal…From various sales, most of the 100 models Gamble’s has in stock are already marked down up to 30%. 

    Now through the end of September stop in to pick up a La-Z-Boy or Southern Motion recliner and you’ll get the markdown PLUS you can spin The Wheel to get an additional 10%-30% off.

    Your math is correct. That’s up to 60% off. Yep.

    Happiness for your home and cash in your pocket – not a bad deal 🙂



    FREE DELIVERY within 30 miles of the store (that includes Riverton!).

    Gambles is at 420 Main St. in Lander. They would love to hear from you at 307-332-3670 and you can also check them out on their website and Facebook. 


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