Where does Wyoming stack up in the “Great Resignation?”

(Wyoming) – Over the last several months, many employers have had a difficult time filling positions. Several employees are leaving their in-office jobs for remote positions or other opportunities.

This trend has created an era known as the “Great Resignation.”

WalletHub has tallied data and ranked the states with the highest and lowest job resignation rates over the last 12 months.


Wyoming ranks 18th highest in resignation rate, seeing 3.28% of it’s workforce resign over the last year.

Resignation rates plummeted in the initial stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, but returned to pre-pandemic levels in July 2020 and began reaching record numbers in April 2021. – Wikipedia

States ranking highest in resignation over the last year include Alaska, South Carolina, Georgia, Delaware and Kentucky.

States with the least resignations include New York, Minnesota, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania.

For the full study click here!


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