Where does Wyoming rank among the best states for police officers?

(Wyoming) – In a turbulent time for law enforcement officers, WalletHub released some data on the states they believe are best and worst for our country’s police.

Metrics like safety, job hazards, training requirements, opportunity and competition were tallied. Overall, those metrics found that Wyoming had some work to do when it comes to taking care of police.

Wyoming ranks 34th overall. We’re 22nd in the category “training requirements,” but much lower in opportunity, competition and job hazards.


Nationally, the WalletHub list suggest the best places for law enforcement are California, Washington D.C., Connecticut, Maryland and Illinois. The worst include; Arkansas, Alaska, West Virginia, Kentucky and Nevada.

Other unique facts around the country;

  • The District of Columbia has the most police and sheriff’s patrol officers per 100,000 residents, 773, which is 6.7 times more than in Oregon, the fewest at 116. 
  • Illinois has the highest median annual wage for police and sheriff’s patrol officers (adjusted for cost of living), $86,127, which is two times higher than in Mississippi, the lowest at $42,124. 
  • Rhode Island has the fewest individuals killed by police per 1,000,000 residents, 4, which is 14.8 times fewer than in New Mexico, the most at 59. 
  • Maine has the fewest violent crimes per 1,000 residents, 1.09, which is 9.2 times fewer than in the District of Columbia, the most at 10.00. 
  • The District of Columbia has the highest state and local police-protection expenses per capita, $997.19, which is 5.5 times higher than in Kentucky, the lowest at $181.96.

Check out the full list here.


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