Where compassion meets care – Dr. Hernandez at Wind River Family and Community Health Care

In August of 2019, Carlos E. Hernandez Moreno, M.D. and his family moved from Puerto Rico to the “quiet countryside” of Wyoming. Dr. Hernandez’s special brand of compassionate care and years of experience in the field of Pediatrics is a definite plus for Wind River Family and Community Health Care.

His goal has always been to bring compassionate and patient-centered care to the patients he serves.

“Coming from a lot of hardships, people didn’t want to go to the doctor because they were so lacking in compassion and treated the problem and not the patient as a whole,” Dr. Hernandez said of his decision to enter the health care field in the early ’80s. He began Medical School in 1981 at the Universidad Central Del Este in the Dominican Republic. Dr. Hernandez entered the field of Pediatrics in 1985 and practiced medicine in Puerto Rico until heading to the states in 2019.


Since moving to Wyoming, Dr. Hernandez says the one thing he has learned to do for his personal health is to simply dress for the elements when it’s cold outside. He is also learning about the similarities and differences between the Latin and Native cultures. In Latin culture, they are very compassionate and love to give hugs while here he is learning to not invade someone’s personal space. As far as similarities, “Laughter is the best medicine. Everyone loves to share in the laughter.”

Dr. Hernandez encourages his patients and their families to advocate for themselves regarding their health. Follow the CDC guidelines to outline a schedule for all of your child’s pediatric care. Always make sure to get a well-child exam and stay up to date on all vaccinations.

Dr. Hernandez is currently seeing patients from birth to 18 at the Riverton Clinic on 12th Street.

Riverton Clinic:
(307) 240-5234

Arapahoe Clinic:
(307) 856-9281


Ethete Clinic:
(307) 855-2992

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