#WhatsHappening: ‘Sinks Canyon’s 9,000 Year Human History’ presentation on December 1

    (Lander, WY) – On Thursday evening, December 1, a presentation, “Sinks Canyon’s 9,000 Year Human History,” will be held at the Inn at Lander at 6:30 pm. This is the 2nd Sinks Canyon: A Deeper Meaning presentation sponsored by Sinks Canyon Wild (SCW). SCW is a local non-profit dedicated to protecting the natural and cultural heritage values of Sinks Canyon (SC) for future generations.

    Sinks Canyon is a natural travel corridor for people and animals into and out of the
    Wind River Range, a link providing a bounty of plant, animal and mineral resources. At the heart of this glacially formed canyon, the Popo Agie River dives into the earth at the Sinks and emerges along with other waters downstream at the Rise.

    SCW works to help keep human use in SC as low impact as possible in the effort to protect this incredible resource and Lander’s most important asset. These “Deeper Meaning” series presentations are offered to remind the public of not only the importance of Sinks Canyon State Park to our community, but of its importance to each of us personally.


    There will be three speakers relaying histories about how this location has been awe-inspiring since time immemorial.

    Randy Wise, director of Lander’s Pioneer Museum, will present how the ancient history of SC reflects on modern day SC.

    Ivan Posey, native community leader and director of Central Wyoming College’s Intertribal Center, will speak to the significance of SC being within the ancestral homelands of the Eastern Shoshone peoples.

    Ben Ridgley, a Northern Arapaho artist and elder, and also director of the Northern Arapaho Tribal Historic Preservation Office, will speak about how SC represents the foundational relationship of his people with the land.


    The Inn at Lander graciously is providing the meeting space. SCW will provide complimentary light snacks and soft drinks. Doors open at 6 pm. All are welcome.


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