What’s the story with those little blue pills on Dr. Reckling’s desk?

    Dr. John Reckling specializes in Internal Medicine at SageWest Medical Group. And with every new patient, he’s used to getting some funny looks about his candy jar filled with “little blue pills (candies).”

    As you can imagine, this jar can be quite the talking piece. Puzzled looks give Dr. Reckling permission to tell a funny story about his grandpa; Dr. Reckling, Sr.

    “Your dad gave me some little blue pills, and they really helped me,” said many of Reckling Sr.’s patients. “Can you prescribe me those?” Apparently, Dr. Reckling’s grandpa helped a lot of patients with these little blue pills! So much so that it became a bit of an inside joke at the office when colleagues gave Dr. Reckling Jr. a jar of little blue candies to keep on his desk.

    Today, the jar serves as a reminder of a funny story and the Reckling family tree of physicians.

    Grandpa Reckling was a Family Doctor, dad Reckling is a General Surgeon, and his uncle and brother are both orthopedic surgeons. Including John, that’s 5 docs in the Reckling family.

    A sketch of grandpa Reckling, from the 1930’s in Lusk, Wyoming.

    Initially, John’s plan was to become a plastic surgeon but after training under his Internal Medicine mentors he found a deep appreciation for Internal Medicine. “IM is a hands on craft that is complex and intellectually stimulating,” he explained.

    Dr. John Reckling, Internal Medicine

    It was mentors Drs. Sorensen and Gose who convinced him to put down roots in Wyoming. Today, Reckling serves as an Internal Medicine physician for SageWest Medical Group. He also serves as the Medical Review Officer and Director of Workwise, a program designed to ensure a healthy, safe and drug-free workplace.

    As a Primary Care Physician, his days are spent helping people through health challenges, often severe cases. Dr. Reckling excels at helping his patients restore, manage, and in some cases, prevent conditions. He especially enjoys working with conditions of the heart, lungs, diabetes, infections and cardiovascular preventive issues.

    John Reckling, M.D. is available for appointment at Wind River Clinic in Riverton. Call  307.857.3488 or visit 1005 College View Drive, Riverton to schedule.


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