What was Fremont County like 100 years ago? [PODCAST]

Now that we’re into the 2020’s, it’s been 100 years since bootleggers, the great depression, the jazz age, flappers, and bathtub gin were dominating the roaring 1920’s.

But, what was Fremont County like at that time?


Zach and Kirsten from the Fremont County Museum System share some of the fascinating details and stories with us on the latest episode of Rediscover The Winds: A Wyoming History Podcast. 

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——- Show Notes ——-

With January over, the new year and new decade are well underway and what better way is there to welcome 2020 than by looking back at 1920, when Model T’s, bootlegging, and pinstripe suits were the norm. Dances at ranches and alcohol hidden in hay bales, this episode is going to shine the light on some of the gilded history of our region!

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