What New Year’s Resolution? Get a recliner instead ;)

Hey there, Fremont County! Happy New Year!

We took a little break from my fun quippy sales strategy, but two weeks away is enough! If you want to skip straight to the sale stuff, scroll until you see big bold words… if you’d like to chuckle a bit and feel better about life – read on. You’ll get to the sale soon enough!
How are those New Year’s resolutions going? You hittin’ the gym everyday like you said you

You and I both know that you quit eating salads on January 3rd. I mean, I wish we kept our resolutions….but…..

Your sock drawer never got organized by color did it? Why would you make that a goal

Be honest, you never even figured out what HIIT stands for, did you? Nope, me either.
Say it with me: “I don’t need to alphabetize my receipts…..” Doesn’t that feel better?!
We all need to move a little more, be a little more kind to those around us, and probably not have the 3rd donut. We don’t need resolutions to be better humans.

So let’s REVISE our RESOLUTIONS together! Let’s resolve that, since we’re going to take
years off our life sitting so much that WE WILL BE COMFORTABLE when we drop the plop!
You don’t need complicated fitness routines, more vegetables, or whatever – let’s be reasonable about our New Year’s resolutions this year – resolve to sit comfortably in a new recliner from Gamble’s!

Yes, I am 100% appropriating New Year’s resolutions setting in order to sell a recliner. Hopefully you’re laughing as you’re reading and not quietly judging me….if you are, well, go eat more vegetables, in that case 🙂

It’s the REVISE YOUR RESOLUTIONS Sale at Gamble’s in Lander!

Now through the end of January 2023 you can pick up a recliner from La-Z-Boy or
Southern Motion at 20% off the Sale Price!

If you buy two, it’s 23%….see, because it’s 20-23. Do you see it? The year is in the….well, I
thought it was creative!! Everybody’s a critic.

What’s better? 0% financing for 12 months with approved credit! That’s ball dropping
savings right there….that’s a reference to Times Square and New Year’s Eve, cause, you
know…this is a New Year post. I’m sure you get it.

We have an enormous selection in stock in the store and a much BIGGER stock in the
warehouse. And when you find what you like, we’ll deliver it right to your door for FREE within 30 miles of the store – That includes ALL of Riverton!

Let’s make it a great 2023 and there’s no better way to start than by giving your cheeks a throne worthy of the New Year – with a new recliner from Gamble’s in Lander!

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