What grill is right for you?

If you’re in the market for a new grill, you know how difficult it is to pick one out. There are so many different kinds! It can be overwhelming. There are travel grills, charcoal grills, propane grills, electric grills, pellet grills, smokers…the list goes on. So how do you know which grill is right for you?

Start by asking yourself a few questions
When picking out a new grill, you need to consider your space and your cooking style. All things should come into consideration when looking for the perfect grill.

  1. How big is my space? You need space for the grill and more space for the grill master. Size your grill out accordingly.
  2. Do I have electricity available in that space? If not, a pellet or electric grill may not be for you. Don’t worry. There are plenty of grills out there that don’t require an energy source.
  3. How many people am I generally grilling for? This could determine the size of the grill you are looking for. Grills go from small and simple to large, in charge, and full of extras!
  4. Do you have space and proper support for a heavy grill? Some grills, especially Kamado grills, sometimes called ceramic smokers or “egg grills,” are extra heavy and need more support.
  5. Are you spontaneous and want your food quick and easy? A fast cooking propane grill may be the best thing for grilling on the fly. Charcoal grills, on the other hand, take time to not only heat up but tend to take a bit longer to cook.
  6. Do you like to grill on a day trip or family outing? A portable propane grill may the be ticket! Porter’s in Riverton has a great selection of Weber grills that are perfect for your tailgating party or as a pop-up grill at the lake.
  7. How serious are you about your grilling? Are you a burger and dogs kind of guy or a full-on smoked prime rib kind of guy? There are so many super fancy grills out there for the more advanced grillers. For the rest of us, we may not need all the bells and whistles. Simple and straightforward is just fine.
  8. Are you an aspiring pit master? This greatly affects which kind of grill you want. Pellet and Kamado grills are great because they do both, grill and smoke. This opens up a world of possibilities to hone your craft.

Whatever your needs, Porter’s Supply Co. in Riverton has it! Their Riverton store has dozens, (literally dozens!) of grills on display with any of the features you desire.


Here’s just a taste of what’s in store:

Weber Charcoal Grill (Old Reliable) – This trusty grill is great for small spaces, portability, and that rich, smoky bbq flavor we all know and love.

Weber Propane Grill (The little propane grill that could) – Super versatile and comes in a range of fun colors! We love this little guy because it is very low maintenance and hyper-portable. The Weber propane can easily be taken camping or for a day trip to the lake. Or plant this grill on its stand for your weekday grilling.

Black Olive Pellet Grill (The real deal) – This Kamado, ceramic grill is for the aspiring Pit Master looking for a sophisticated grilling experience. But this smoker is more versatile than you think! With this black beauty, you can smoke your food long and slow or crank up the heat and grill steaks over high heat.


Propane and Natural Gas Grills (The Entertainer) – There is an endless selection of propane and natural gas grills at Porter’s in Riverton. If you are often grilling for a large crowd, want to grill rotisserie chicken, or are looking to achieve a complete outdoor kitchen, they’ve got it!

Pellet Grills (Mr. Popular) – Pellet grills are IN right now. Most models allow for fast grilling over a flame but where these smokers shine is in their long and slow smoking features. With their heat management settings you can set it and forget it while you entertain guests or just relax and take in the good smells for the next several hours.

All of these grills and more are available at Porter’s Mountain View Supply in Riverton. Stop by and be amazed at the large selection available!


Grill and Snap!
Don’t forget to enter the Porter’s BBQ Battle. Because the best part is, on the way to grill masterdom, you can win some fabulous prizes by simply posting a photo of your grilling amazingness. Don’t forget to tag Porter’s in your photo and use the hashtag #whatsgrillin.

Special challenge!

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