What does Fremont County Google during the holidays?

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    This post was submitted by Atmosphere Marketing, a local digital design and search engine optimization agency, which is to say they do “internet voodoo” and other cool stuff.

    We live in an amazing world, and nothing proves that more than the fact that we can carry around all of human knowledge in our pockets. And when we don’t know the answer to a burning question, we can ask Google! But deep down, we all know that the internet is incredibly creepy. Everything we do is tracked in one way or another, and if you know how to access that data (and we’re digital marketers, so we do), you can learn a lot about what people in your area are asking about (and we did.)



    Often, companies and people use this data to try to sell you stuff. But to celebrate this festive end-of-year season, we thought we’d use our powers for a more wholesome purpose: to answer some of the holiday-related questions that our friends and neighbors have been asking Google (and yes, maybe chuckle at them a little too).


    All of the following are questions that people in Fremont County have typed into Google in the last year. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did. 



    1. What’s Santa’s Phone Number?

    Children all over Fremont County are spurning the tradition of sending Santa a letter, and have taken matters into their own hands instead. They want results and they want them now, so they’ve hopped on the internet and searched for his personal phone number. And it’s not just one or two precocious kiddos – our research shows that between 10-50 people have posed this question to Google this year!

    While kids (and perhaps some adults) ask this question in many ways, the most common phrasings are:

    • what santa phone number
    • what santa number
    • what santa claus’s phone number

    Fun fact: thanks to a marketing gimmick from a really big conference call company, you can actually call Santa. The number 951-262-3062 will take you to “Santa’s” voicemail, complete with a cheery recorded message and everything! It’s perfect for kids who have an urgent matter to report to the big guy himself – whether it’s a new and exciting toy they can’t live without, or the sneaky misbehavior of a snooping sibling…

    Santa will also be in Riverton on the 21st and in Lander on the 23rd if you’d like to talk to him in person!

    2. Are Reindeer Real?

    Starting in late November, reindeer suddenly became quite the topic of interest here in Fremont County. Apparently, lots of our friends and neighbors have questions about things like how to draw reindeer, what all of Santa’s reindeer’s names are, and where reindeer live. And with the holidays right around the corner, now’s the perfect time to ask Google all of your burning questions about reindeer.


    One of the most common questions is whether these classic Christmas animals are real. The answer? Reindeer are very real – in fact, they’re caribou that have been tamed! Several cultures throughout the world have used these animals to pull sleds, carry things on their backs (gifts? maybe!), and, in some cases, ride.

    They may not fly or have red noses, but they sure do have some awesome antlers! And while we don’t have any caribou hanging around Wyoming (at least not that we’re aware of), you can see Wyoming’s Bison Herd in Thermopolis, plenty of elk in the Wind River Mountains, and more deer than you probably ever knew existed all over town if you look closely!


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    3. What Time Is Christmas?

    A lot of people ask things like “What day of the week is Christmas?” (important for planning) or “When is Christmas?” (important for understanding American culture). “What time is Christmas?” is a rarer question.

    We weren’t actually sure how to answer this one, but we’ll give it our best go anyway. 

    Option A: Christmas is all the time, because the true meaning of Christmas was in your heart all along. 

    Option B: All day on December 25th.

    4. When should kids stop believing in Santa?

    On a less silly note, each year more and more people turn to Google to answer this question. When do you drop the Santa story and just talk straight with your kids?

    The Smithsonian did a study that found that, on average, kids no longer believe in Santa by around age 7 or 8. BUT… 65% of those kids continued to play along and pretend they believed in order to make their parents happy. That same study also showed that 44% of children even felt a little betrayed or angry, or trusted parents slightly less after finding out the truth.

    What you do with that data is up to you. Atmosphere Marketing’s Parenting Advice Policy is to remain 100% neutral and noncommittal – and actually offer no parenting advice at all. We’re just here to deliver the statistics.

    5. Why Kids Should Have Cell Phones

    With smartphones becoming a steadily bigger part of everyday life, every parent has to make the decision about when to break down and get one for their children. And as the holidays approach, many kids will be hinting and nudging that this is definitely the year that they should take that next step towards complete independence.

    From the data, it looks like at least one enterprising young Fremont County resident decided to bolster their argument with facts and statistics. In November, this determined kiddo sat down and searched “Why kids should have cell phones”, preparing to amaze their parents with a well-researched argument as to why they need a phone this Christmas.

    We may never know whether that one child was successful or not (as creepy as our tracking software seems, it doesn’t store personally identifying data like names or phone numbers – that would be very illegal and unethical.) But whoever you are, we’d like to applaud your determination and tell you congratulations! It’s always worthwhile to take your time to do some thorough research before presenting an argument. Keep up the good work.

    Many of us have had at least some of these questions before, even if it was back when we were wide-eyed, innocent six-year-olds who thought that every day leading up to Christmas was as long as an entire week. We hope that you enjoyed this article and that it brought a smile to your face this holiday season!

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