What are those red reflectors?

Ever drive down the highway and wonder why there are red reflectors placed approximately 20 feet behind the pavement markers? I sure did.

WYDOT shared those reflectors were installed between 2007 and 2010 along certain stretches of Wyoming highways prone to wildlife-vehicle collisions. They are called wildlife warning reflectors or deer delineators. Exact numbers are outdated, but it is noted the reflectors have decreased wildlife-vehicle collisions.


How do they work though?

After a little research of the brand WYDOT listed (Strieter-Lite Reflectors) here’s how they work:

When a car passes, light from the headlights is directed toward the side of the road and is seen by deer that wish to cross the highway as a row of sequential lights coming from the reflectors.

This startles them and causes them to run away or wait until the vehicle passes before crossing the road.