#aglife: Early mornings, life lessons learned and a whole lot of joy-filled moments!

 #aglife is a new County 10 series, brought to you by Wyoming Community Bank, that pulls the curtain back on farm and ranch life in Fremont County through images and stories.

There may be life off the ranch, but any Fremont County farmer or rancher will tell you – The #aglife is “the good life.”

The Osterman’s own a farm in Cheyenne. They were born and raised in Lander until 5 years ago. They submitted these family photos and captions to share what the #aglife means to them.

“#aglife for us means our kids wake up with us before sunrise to do chores.”

Our 7 year old hauling hay in knee deep snow

“It means freezing mornings… and afternoons, and nights breaking livestock waters that freeze.”

All geared up to break water for the ducks.

“It’s your infant and kiddos tagging along for brandings, or strapping the baby in a baby carrier to get in the skid steer to work.”

“It’s kids letting turkeys into our house and carrying around chickens like they’re our babies.”

“Here turkey, turkey!”

“It’s teaching our kids to respect and care for animals, while also showing them where their food comes from.”

“It’s feeding animals before you feed yourself, and checking fences – rain or shine.”

My husband kayaking through our pasture to check fence after a downpour flooded our fields.

“It’s watching (filled with pride) your young children taking control of a 1,200 lb. animal with grace, and watching them succeed.”

“#aglife is just that… it’s our life!” ?

Share your #aglife with the community! Send your photos to us, with a little info, at tips@county10.com and we might include them in the #aglife series!

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