Westward Heights: A haven of compassionate care and cherished memories – Meet the Resident of the Month, Kay!

In a heartwarming interview with Kay, a resident of Westward Heights Care Center, we gained insight into her personal experiences and discovered what makes Westward Heights a special place. From her first job to her favorite pastimes, Kay shared moments that shaped her life, allowing us to glimpse into her journey.

Reflecting on her early years, Kay fondly recalled her first job in a dress store, meticulously hanging up dresses after customers tried them on. It was a humble beginning that instilled in her a strong work ethic. However, it was her time working at NOLS at the Gulch that held a special place in her heart. The unique food and intriguing individuals she encountered during her tenure made it a cherished chapter in her life.

While reminiscing about her youth, Kay recounted the simple joys that brought her delight. Playing jacks, dolls, and roller skating were her favorite pastimes. She even had the opportunity to join the neighborhood boys in their baseball games, breaking gender barriers and creating lasting memories.

“When the neighborhood boys needed another player, they would let me play,” said Kay.

As she spoke of the fads of her youth, Kay remembered wearing a men’s long white sleeve shirt as a fashion statement during the early 1950s. Additionally, she reminisced about her stylish saddle shoes. “They always had to be clean,” remembered Kay.

In her reflections on family traditions, Kay fondly recalled her father taking her swimming on Wednesday afternoons, a cherished tradition that brought them closer together. Christmas was another special time, waiting eagerly for her father to turn on the twinkling lights before venturing downstairs to celebrate as a family.

“We weren’t allowed to go downstairs until Dad went down and turned on the Christmas lights,” said Kay.

Did Kay ever get in trouble when she was younger? “The most trouble I was ever in was for not being home by curfew,” stated Kay.

When asked about her most memorable vacation, Kay recounted her trip to New Orleans. The enchanting city, with its historic buildings and rich culture, left an indelible mark on her. Dinner on a boat added a touch of magic to an already unforgettable experience.

Given the chance to return to any year, Kay expressed a longing to go back to 1990, the year she married her beloved husband, Harold. The significance of that momentous occasion and the beginning of their life together resonated deeply with her.

When asked about her proudest accomplishment, Kay’s face lit up with a radiant smile. Without hesitation, she spoke of her children, expressing immense pride in their character and accomplishments. She playfully acknowledged that her eldest child may have been the naughtiest.

“Bill did get pretty wild and I don’t think I want to know everything he did,” laughed Kay.

Kay with her two sons, Dean and Bill in 1962.

Kay cherishes all her children dearly.

Contemplating her legacy, Kay expressed a simple yet profound desire: to be remembered as happy. Throughout her life, she has strived to find joy in every moment, and she hopes that this happiness is what people recall when they think of her.

As time has advanced, Kay highlighted the rewarding aspects of growing older. Patience, true friendships, and the unwavering support of family have become invaluable treasures in her life. These are the qualities that have brought her comfort and fulfillment during her golden years.

In the midst of our interview, Kay’s affection for Westward Heights shone through. Her admiration centered around the staff members who consistently greeted residents with warm smiles, fostering a sense of belonging and care.

“Always having a smile on your face must be a requirement when you’re hired,” stated Kay.

Their dedication and attentiveness to the well-being of each individual truly make Westward Heights a home away from home.

Westward Heights played a crucial role in Kay’s rehabilitation after a severe ankle injury.

“Westward Heights has been a wonderful place,” states Hope, Kay’s daughter. “My mother needed a place for rehabilitation services after she broke her ankle a couple of years ago. Westward Heights worked with her every day, helping her to adjust to a new lifestyle in a wheelchair. The ankle break was very severe, and it took months to heal. She went to the rehabilitation room daily, learning all the necessary skills to live wheelchair-bound. Many days when she felt depressed, the staff was there with positive words and lifted her spirits.” 

When it was determined that Kay could not live unassisted at home anymore, the staff at Westward Heights made sure she was always loved in her new home. Kay has three children and Westward Heights make sure they are always welcome to visit her anytime and are ready and willing to talk.

“The staff goes the extra mile for all the residents with many daily social activities. In a week’s time, my mom has the opportunity to play cornhole, attend church services, go to a movie night, get a manicure, and even eat ice cream every day!” exclaimed Hope.

Kay is very proud to be a mother, and she feels that one of her proudest accomplishments in life is the fact that she tried to be a great mother. Her three children feel very blessed and thankful to have such a wonderful mom like her. She loves her grandchildren and great-grandchildren and is very happy when everyone can come to visit her at Westward Heights.

Westward Heights has provided Kay with exceptional care and created an environment that fosters cherished memories. The staff’s commitment to compassionate care, their dedication to residents’ well-being, and the myriad of activities available make Westward Heights a haven for those in need of support during their later years.

For Kay, Westward Heights has become a second home, filled with love, laughter, and the warmest smiles. As she continues her journey, she finds solace in the enduring bonds of friendship and the unwavering support of her family. Westward Heights stands as a testament to the importance of compassion, family, and a nurturing environment in enriching the lives of our beloved seniors.

If you are looking for a place for your loved one, Kay and her family highly recommend Westward Heights Care Center. For more information, call (307) 332-5560 or visit the website here.

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