Weaver reflects on breaking One Shot Antelope Hunt record [PODCAST]

Brendon Weaver said his team’s goal at the 76th annual One Shot Antelope Hunt was to just simply each get an antelope.

“There are some years that just getting an antelope regardless of time is the winning strategy” he told us on the County 10 Podcast.

Quick rules breakdown if you’re not familiar with the One Shot: Teams of 3 get a certain area to hunt an antelope. A guide helps hunters learn more about their randomly selected hunt area. A points system is used to determine a winner based on how many of the three members get an antelope, and in the amount of time it took them from the official hunt start time.


Weaver got the antelope, and he did so in record time. One minute. Weaver credited his guide’s assistance, but was able to make the successful shot in just a matter of seconds after the hunt began.

Brendon became even more excited when he learned his teammates, Cade Maestas and Mike Lilygren, also got antelope. Cade killed his 5 minutes after the start, Mike was 10 minutes after the start. And if you’re not a One Shot Antelope Hunt enthusiast – those numbers are all CRAZY GOOD! It goes without saying at this point that their team, Team Maven, won the event.

Brendon joined us on the County 10 Podcast to chat about the hunt and his work with the Lander company he co-owns, Maven.


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