WATCH: The dangers of texting and driving, what five seconds can do

    Did you know that it only takes five seconds to travel the length of a football field going 55mph? It is also the average amount of time that it takes to send a text.

    Injury Prevention Resources (IPR), a 501(C)3 non-profit agency, is dedicated to its mission of “zero deaths and zero injuries on our roads.” According to IPR, in 2018 alone there were 4,637 deaths due to distracted driving and an estimated 400,000 injuries.

    Driving while distracted can also increase your insurance rates. It is estimated that it costs the U.S. 175 billion dollars a year.


    IPR encourages you to think about these risks the next time you want to send a text while driving. They say to pull over before you use your phone to talk or text. Watch this video created by IPR to help raise awareness of the dangers of distracted driving.

    IPR is dedicated to helping prevent injury. They also have a contest to win big prizes, visit their website to complete a quick survey to be entered into a drawing.


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