WATCH: First-Person Rollover Crash Footage

    Injury Prevention Resources recently shared a video of a first-person rollover crash. The crash itself was a simulation, and no humans were harmed during the production. However, the video does showcase what it could potentially look like if somebody were to be involved in a rollover crash.

    The video utilized a dummy in its crash footage, which really showed how powerless people become once they’re in the middle of a crash. In the battle of humans vs. machines, the machines win, at least when it comes to automobiles.

    The video also shared a statistic which states that in 2021, 13,885 crashes occurred on Wyoming roads. 2,425 of those crashes resulted in the injury of the driver and/or passenger.

    103 of those crashes resulted in a fatality.

    The video continues, stating that nearly 1,000 of those people who were injured in car wrecks were not using their seatbelt.

    “We can do better,” the video says. “No one should be in a vehicle without seatbelts being properly used.

    Noel Cooper, with Injury Prevention Resources, stated that he was “asking for the simple things: wear a seatbelt, pay attention, and drive sober. Think about our lives and, as they say, don’t go down that road.”

    Watch this video to learn more about crashes in Wyoming.

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