Visit Dr. Fisher for a sport’s physical today

    Wind River Pediatrics provides sports physicals for your child at any time of year. Dr. Fisher has some tips for parents on the best way to get these physicals done at the lowest cost with the best quality care.

    “To clear up any misconceptions, if your child is insured (nearly all commercial insurance and Medicaid), a sports physical is covered as part of a wellness exam. There are no out-of-pocket expenses for wellness exams such as copays or deductibles SO THEY ARE ALREADY FREE. In addition, any existing health issues or questions can be addressed. If any issues are found on other so-called free sports physicals, they are typically referred back to the primary care physician rather than being addressed at that time, costing your family time and money.

    For patients without insurance, we offer low-cost sports physicals but with the same level of service.” 


    The best course of action from a cost and level of care standpoint is to see your regular physician for a wellness exam. At Wind River Pediatrics, you always see a board-certified pediatrician with nearly 20 years of experience.


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