Virgil Whiteman, Jr.

Virgil Allen Whiteman, Jr. 39, passed away at Poudre Valley Hospital on March 9, 2021. He was born Dec 01, 1981 to Grace Willow and the late Virgil Whiteman, Sr.

Wake to be held on March 12, 2021 at Grace Willows residence, 626 Ethete Rd. Ethete, WY. Services March 13, 2021 at the Whiteman Cemetery in Ethete.

Survivors include companion Stacey Oldman. Mother Grace Willow. Father Hank Tillman. Daughters Jaelynne and Janaeah Whiteman, and De’onna Track. His mizz Theresa Marie Wells. Sister’s Loretta and Alana Whiteman, Tashina (Galen) Track, Rita Mae Lopez, Yvonne Willow, Ivora Moss, Cheryl and Ivy Robertson, Kayla Hill, Tara and Valene Brown, Myken Wilson, Willow Manzanares, Alicia Willow, Inez Whiteman, and Nickey Miller. Brothers David Gambler, Isaac Spoonhunter, Mitchell Whiteman, Manuel Duran, Wesley ‘Tic’ Underwood, David Robertson, Alfred Willow, Jr., Terry Joel Wilson, Rueben Quiver, Wolfe Willow, Darrell Moss, Jr., Wendall, Teddy, and John Moss. King and Harlan Whiteman. Aunt’s Penny Robertson, Terry, Wanda, and Beverly Willow. Mavis and Alvera Willow, Becky Bishop, Cathy Vann, Rita J. Willow, Marcene Willow, Ramona Compton, and Valerie Tillman.

Proceeded in death by grandparents Ernest and Lucille Willow, John and Eva Whiteman. Uncle’s John Lee Whiteman, Ernie Whiteman, Charles Whiteman, Kenny Whiteman, Kojack Whiteman. His father Virgil Whiteman, Sr., Ernest Willow, Jr., Douglas Willow. Brother Sheldon Whiteman, Deland Dewey. Sister’s Mary Willow, Jovan Willow, Sonya Willow, Shawna Dewey. Nephews Byron Frances Willow and Eli Moss.

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