[VIDEO]: 1st grade- getting smarter and feeling happy

    “In 50 years I will remember that Miss Petro is the best teacher because she helps us learn more things and helps us be holy,” said Creed, a first-grader in Miss Petro’s class.

    For nearly 40 years, iconic Mary Elizabeth Petro, commonly known as Miss Petro has taught first grade at St. Margaret’s School. As you can imagine, a lot has changed over the years, but one thing remains consistent – Miss Petro’s commitment and passion to inspire her students and their faith.

    “One day she told us that we’re all smart, but we’re not smarter than each other. She means that we’re all good at math and she wants us to learn more stuff, but nobody is smarter than each other. Miss Petro wants us to not brag, but she wants us to get smarter and feel happy,” said Creed, a first-grader in Miss Petro’s class.

    Miss Petro teaches students Chase and Hudson a new trick at a family STEM night. h/t St. Margaret’s School

    Miss Petro has been called a true hero and an angel on Earth by school parents. Oftentimes during early morning hours, late in the evening, on weekends, and even during school breaks, Miss Petro is found in her classroom. Another parent stated, “That is true dedication. It’s obvious how much she cares.”

    Like many experienced teachers, Miss Petro has seen it all. She’s been through all kinds of change, including different behavior management approaches and new teaching strategies. If you visited Miss Petro’s class today, you would find a deliberate balance between tradition and innovation. Her students are well-mannered and know her classroom expectations. Miss Petro’s students engage in experiential, hands-on learning activities and participate in meaningful dialogue with each other. If it’s going to help her students, Miss Petro understands the necessity of learning new “tricks” when it comes to technology and teaching. 

    Miss Petro goes through the high-five tunnel with CWC basketball players on a “High Five Friday” in October. h/t St. Margaret’s School

    Miss Petro is the go-to teacher at St. Margaret’s School who typically knows the answer to any question.

    “It’s actually impressive,” said Meagan Mosbrucker, principal of St. Margaret’s School. “For new staff, it’s invaluable, and she’s got an incredible attention to detail. She knows the history of the school, and, most importantly, she knows the students, their hearts, strengths and their families.”

    Miss Petro has students stand up so they can use their entire bodies to learn new concepts. h/t St. Margaret’s School

    “It’s not unusual for alumni – new and old – to stop by the school and ask to see her. Lots of heartfelt reminiscing happens in that first-grade classroom. That speaks for itself. It’s special,” Mosbrucker said.

    During morning prayer, Miss Petro helps student Tinley while she presents a portion of her class project on Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini. h/t St. Margaret’s School

    “Miss Petro teaches us about Saints,” said Creed, a first-grader in Miss Petro’s class. “I remember that Saint Frances Cabrini was afraid of water, but she crossed the ocean twenty times because she wanted to be a Sister of the Church and we should be helpful like her.” 

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