Updates in the works for Shoshoni’s Town Hall

    Due to COVID-19, Shoshoni’s Town Hall has been closed to the public for a few months. The limited access has created considerable difficulty for community members to participate in their local government, whether that’s attending Town Council meetings or taking care of their business needs, among other things.

    $25,000 in CARES Act funding was awarded to the Town of Shoshoni by SLIB to purchase audio and video equipment to live-stream meetings so folks can watch from home. The money will also be used to install things like sneeze guards, partitions, and whatever else could be needed to open Town Hall back up fully to the public.

    Right now, $17,000 is the current amount needed to make these changes. However, SLIB recognized there would likely be future needs to continue mitigating COVID-19 and approved a total of $25,000. “This alleviates the process of having to go through this again,” shared Shoshoni Police Chief and acting Town Clerk Chris Konija.


    The hope is to have the new audio and video equipment up and running by the end of July, Mayor Joel Highsmith explained. Ideally, Town Hall will be open on August 1st as well.

    Shoshoni also received CARES Act funding this week to establish a medical clinic. You can learn more about that in our earlier post.


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