Updated Wyoming elk, deer, and pronghorn hunting regulations now availble online

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department recently published the one book to top a Wyoming hunter’s reading list. The 2019 Elk, Deer and Antelope Hunting Regulations brochure is now available on the Wyoming Game and Fish Department website. The brochure is full-color and the definitive source of big game hunting information for Wyoming.

To support hunters afield, we added more information to our Antelope, Deer and Elk Hunting Regulations. We hope that with increased information everyone is more knowledgeable and confident on Wyoming’s laws and regulations,” said Game and Fish Director Brian Nesvik. “As conservationists, understanding these rules and holding yourself to the highest level of hunting ethics and safety benefits wildlife and all who enjoy it.”

Hunters who draw a license will receive a printed version of the brochure mailed directly to them in early August. For others, regulations brochures will be available from Game and Fish regional offices and license selling agents in the same timeframe.