University of Wyoming asking for tougher penalties to businesses that sell alcohol to minors

    University of Wyoming officials are asking the City of Laramie to hold higher penalties for establishments caught selling alcohol to minors.

    The Laramie Boomerang reports that based on a point system, Laramie levels sanctions to businesses that are caught violating alcohol-related ordinances or state statutes.

    Currently, businesses that are caught selling alcohol to a minor earns a business 25 points and a $250 fine.


    If a business earns 75 points in a 12-month period, it faces temporary suspensions of its liquor license. Compliance checks from Laramie Police happen twice a year.

    University of Wyoming Vice President for Student Affairs Sean Blackburn noted Monday that because those compliance checks constitute almost all alcohol sanctions, a business could fail every compliance check and not have its license suspended.

    Blackburn suggested increasing the individual penalty for each of those violations to 50 points and a $500 fine.


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