Two graduated from Frontier Academy on April 11

    (Riverton, WY) – Jason Goss and Corrin Struna graduated from Frontier Academy at the April 11 Fremont County School District #25 Board of Trustees meeting.

    Frontier Success Coach Shanell Stanley spoke on behalf of Corrin.

    “…I was thinking a lot about who Corrin is, and the one word I came up with to describe her was consistent. Corrin is somebody that bought into our culture from day one. … She was on board. We have connection circles at least three times a week, and she volunteers to go first every time. Not sometimes. Every time. Her attendance would be another thing that she’s super consistent about. I think she had multiple semesters of perfect attendance. … Another thing about Corrin, she greeted and welcomed everybody that came into Frontier, whether they greeted her back or not. She didn’t give up. She continued to greet them day after day. The other thing that she consistently did is she was kind to everybody. …”


    Corrin was then given the opportunity to speak. She thanked the administrators, the Superintendent, and the Board members, along with the teachers and staff of Frontier. She also thanked her family and boyfriend.

    “Frontier has helped me be the best for me and my peers, and I would not have made it this far if I didn’t have all the support I was given. Thank you all for pushing me to be better than I was. I am forever grateful for everyone who helped me reach this point.”

    Frontier teacher Ross Ziegler spoke on behalf of Jason.

    “The first thing I always think about when a student comes to Frontier is that the first thing we try to do is build relationships and bring them into a family situation where we try to really grab hold of them and let them just kind of come in and be a part of the group and really feel comfortable and feel like they can be themselves. Jason really just jumped right in. He was always kind of Jason. He’s himself. He never tried to be someone else. He was always very, just like, this is who I am. He had a goal he wanted to graduate. He set up a plan, and he just followed right through with it. You know, kind of the exact thing that we try to promote at Frontier is to come in and have a plan, have a goal, set yourself up for success and then just do it. And Jason did that. …”


    Jason was then given the opportunity to speak. He thanked the administrators, his mom, and the teachers that helped him along the way.

    Congratulations, Jason & Corrin!


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