Turn your house into a home… and save money doing it. Day.Made.

    Hey guys, it’s Shane and the guys down at Gamble’s.

    I’m going to get a little heavy on you, so if you just want to know whether you can grab a fridge on the cheap this month skip to the bottom, the deals are in big black letters 🙂

    But if you’ll hang in there with me for a second. I want to get real about “Black Friday…”

    So, here’s a couple of things I’m not into…

    I’m not into dishonesty.

    I’m not into the “sale game.” I like my sales, but more on this in a minute.

    I’m also not into unnecessarily extending “Black Friday.” I mean, come on. I got a Christmas flyer the other day… seriously?!

    I AM into the Holiday Season and all the wonderful opportunities for families to come together and traditions to be shared. I really, sincerely believe all this Black Friday nonsense gets in the way of that. ESPECIALLY now that “Black Friday” is the whole month of November – actually scratch that, the deals actually started on October 31st, ’cause you know, why wait!?!?

    In my opinion, consumerism has done a lot to erode our shared values and traditions. Really. If you need a deal that badly, postpone Christmas by a week and buy your thing the day after, it’s cheaper than Black Friday!!!

    But here’s the thing. I do the Black Friday thing here at Gamble’s.

    We do sales at Gamble’s and gimmicks like my “Spin the Wheel” sales and “The Boss is Gone” and all that. We do them to have fun, we do them to give you an incentive to come check out our inventory…

    …but I also do them because that’s when I can save you money! Seriously. When the manufacturers run a sale, I’m able to knock down prices and save you money. That’s why November is the Month of Black Friday here at Gamble’s. 

    This isn’t a profit margin game for me (I DO have to make a living, but I only make a living if YOU’RE HAPPY). This isn’t a sale game where I try to stretch you to the max and make my pocket jingle. If you can find a better price and better service – please go there.

    I love inspiring smiles on your face. You find the perfect couch or that dining table you can hand down to your kids and man that makes. my. day.

    It’s even better when I can tell you it’s less expensive than normal. So here’s what I have going for “Black Friday Month…”

    Starting NOW through November 28th:

    ALL Furniture is 15% off the sale price – That’s recliners, couches, dining room, bedroom, everything.



    You’ll get a FREE box spring and 10% Sterns and Foster mattress purchases.


    Sealy Hybrid mattresses are $200 off King and Queen sizes.


    Tempurpedic mattress have great financing options of 24 months if you spend $999 and 48 months if you spend $2999 (with approved credit of course)


    4-Piece Stainless Steel Kitchen sets are on HUGE sale:

    • Maytag is 34% off, was $4326, now $2999
    • Whirlpool is 41% off, was $3416, now $1999
    • Whirpool Black Stainless is 37% off
    • Kitchen Aid is 31% off



    I hope to see you at Gamble’s and I hope we can help inspire a happy moment in your home this Holiday Season, but more than anything I hope you and your families have a great end to a great year and blessed holidays – whether you’re my customer or not.

    As always, FREE DELIVERY within 30 miles of the store (that includes Riverton!).

    Gambles is at 420 Main St. in Lander. They would love to hear from you at 307-332-3670 and you can also check them out on their website and Facebook. 





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