Tuesday’s Daily Distraction: More Fremont County Trivia!

Introducing the County 10 Daily Distraction. Word Searches, photo contests, trivia questions and more. All local content, made just for you – our readers! Each weekday while the Corona-craziness lasts (okay…MOST weekdays), we’ll post a Daily Distraction. Just complete it and enter your info – you’ll be entered to win a gift card to a local business to help you #keepitlocal!

We’ve quizzed you on Fremont County’s food, its celebrities, and its history. Today’s Distraction is a little of all three! Be sure to check tomorrow’s Daily Distraction for the correct answers to today’s quiz. 

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Answers to Monday’s Daily Distraction

Yesterday’s Daily Distraction was a Fremont County History Quiz brought to you by the Fremont County Museum System. We know you’ve been anxious to know the answers, so without further ado, here you go!

  1. Uranium was discovered in the Gas Hills east of Riverton, Wyoming on September 13th, 1953 by Neil and Maxine McNeice.
  2. Isabel Jewell was a Hollywood actress born in Fremont County on July 15th, 1909 in Shoshoni, Wyoming to Emory Lee Jewell and Livia Jewell. During her career, she acted in Tale of Two Cities, Lost Horizons, and Gone with the Wind.
  3. J.B. Okie made his way to Wyoming on the Union Pacific Railroad in May 1882 with only $150 in his pocket. Eventually, J.B. Okie was able to become a mogul in the sheep herding business and was able to build a mansion in Lost Cabin. When he first started herding sheep, his nickname was “The Cadet.”
  4. A Treaty with the Eastern Shoshone was ratified by Congress on March 3, 1905 to open up a portion on the Wind River Reservation for settlement. Fenimore Chatterton was the Wyoming State Governor who devoted his efforts during his term to opening Riverton for agricultural development.
  5. Jacob Astor Delfelder played a big role in the construction of the Wyoming Central Canal. He was elected as Mayor of Riverton in May of 1913 and served as mayor until February 24th, 1920. He also has a place listed on the National Register of Historical Places named after him.

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