Tribal per-caps threatened by Government shut down; EST to limit approvals for assistance

    (Fort Washakie, Wyo.) – The Eastern Shoshone Business Council would like to communicate to enrolled members of the Eastern Shoshone Tribe about the possibility that their February per capita payments will not be processed due to the federal government shutdown.

    The government shutdown includes the Department of Interior and therefore the Bureau of Indian Affairs. BIA Wind River Agency Trust Services staff have been furloughed and as a result, this puts the per capita payments in jeopardy of not being processed and dispersed to tribal members.

    The SBC has done their due diligence in verifying and submitting the monthly “Per capita tribal package” to the BIA, which consists of tribal member enrollment information, IIM account information and credit withholds and releases. This package sets the February payment at $200 for enrolled tribal members but at the moment, it is unclear if February will be processed.


    The SBC has been in constant contact with the few, non-furloughed regional and local BIA staff. We’re also actively reaching out to the congressional delegation so they’re fully aware of how this government shutdown is affecting our tribal government operations and tribal members.

    We hope tribal members understand this issue is out of our control but we will continue to work diligently with available BIA personnel in hopes of getting the per capitas processed. The SBC will update tribal members as soon as new information becomes available.


    Due to the federal government shutdown, the Shoshone Business Council will be limiting approval of requests for assistance submitted by tribal members. Requests will be approved depending on the urgency of the situation and as funding becomes available.


    The SBC plans to continue to help tribal members as much as possible during this government shutdown.

    Tribal members should be prepared for the possibility that not all requests made to certain tribal programs and to the SBC will be fulfilled. We urge tribal members to have a contingency plan in place.

    For further questions, contact the tribal program or SBC.




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