Trials of four parties involved in 2019 Riverton double homicide in different stages

    (Lander, WY) – When County 10 last reported on the judicial status of the suspects involved in the January 4, 2019 murders of Jocelyn Watt and Rudy Perez, the jury trials for Patrick Sunrhodes, Bryce Teran and Korbin Headley were set for yesterday, July 25, while Brandon Monroe, the fourth party involved, awaited determination of his fitness to proceed.

    As of this writing, each individual is now in a different stage, with a new jury trial date set for Sunrhodes, plea agreements filed on behalf of Teran and Headley, and Monroe’s proceedings are currently suspended.

    Originally, SunRhodes and Teran were each charged with two counts of felony murder, Headley was charged with one count of conspiracy to commit aggravated burglary, and Monroe with two felony murder charges and two murder in the first degree charges.


    After Sunrhodes’ request to transfer the case to juvenile court was denied on July 14, his jury trial was reset for September 19, according to court documents.

    As for Monroe, on January 27, the court ordered a mental examination to determine his fitness to proceed with further hearings, which was conducted by the Wyoming State Hospital and later filed on April 27.

    On June 2, the ensuing hearing to discuss the examination filings was held, where it was ordered that proceedings shall remain suspended, and that “the defendant shall be committed to a designated facility, the Wyoming State Hospital in Evanston, or any other facility as determined appropriate by the Wyoming State Hospital,” to determine whether there is a “substantial probability that he will regain fitness to proceed.”

    The other two parties each had plea agreements filed on their behalf, Headley’s on April 20, Teran’s on June 30, which are awaiting next steps.


    County 10 will continue to share updates for each individuals’ case as they become available. Click here to view the latest.


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