Trapping Season in Wyoming, WGFD provides tips, information and reminders for recreation enthusiasts and trappers

(Fremont County) – Rene Schell and Jason Hunter with Wyoming Game and Fish are on the County 10 Podcast discussing trapping in Wyoming. The season started at the beginning of October. Trapping can occur on public and private lands and so it’s important that folks who enjoy the outdoors know about trapping and safety. Also some great information for trappers themselves.

Take a listen to this short podcast and find out why every recreation enthusiast should know about trapping, especially if you have dogs with you out recreating. Plus there is a link on a trappers education course that is free you can find below the podcast and is informative for trappers and recreation enthusiasts.

I personally am taking this free trappers education course. Not only to learn more about trapping but to know about traps if I ever encounter them while I am out hiking or recreating outdoors.


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