To Nevaeh, Chloe and Birdie


    To the most amazing valentines…
    Y’all are truly the best kids a mom could ever ask for.
    How was I blessed with three brilliant girls who work so hard in school and are awarded with honor roll for 12 years? WOW!
    Kind souls who help everyone and always have a compliment for a stranger. Everyone that meets you loves you.
    You are always smiling first thing in the morning and bring so much sunshine and happiness to the world, especially mine!
    You’re just amazing in every sense and you make me so proud.
    Everyday I wonder how I got so lucky to be blessed with three of you.
    All of my wishes, prayers, candles I blew out, wish bones that I broke, eye lashes I blew were to have you three amazing girls. I am so complete. So proud to be your mom.
    Happy Valentines day from your biggest fan.
    Your mama

    Your biggest fan, Mom


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