“To just try your best to be kind;” family of Triton Fritz shares obituary, Celebration of Life date

(Hudson, WY) – Triton James Fritz, aka “Triton Tough,” continues to inspire those around him even after his recent passing, with words he helped craft in his obituary that was recently shared by his family on the Triton Tough Facebook page.

Triton was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma in 2016, and passed away on February 13th this year, after a six year battle with the cancer.

Triton never let his situation get him down, always maintaining a positive spirit, and even going so far as to write a graphic novel about about his own journey of becoming the superhero Triton Tough, who battled the “Cancer Monster.”


Triton’s Celebration of life will be held on April 30th, with more details to come on the Triton Tough Facebook page linked above, and his obituary can also be read in its entirety here.

In Triton’s own words:

“People should just remember to laugh! Remember to actually LIVE. Like really LIVE. I was scared, but still went on a roller coaster and a zipline. Now I know I really lived.”

h/t Triton Tough Facebook page

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