Time to grill & snap! The Porter’s #whatsgrillin challenge is back

Porter’s in Riverton is bringing back their BBQ Battle for 2021! No need to hide your excitement. We’re excited too! The weather is warming up when it’s not snowing, but hey, bbq in the snow and you may get extra points for the effort. It’s all about what you’re grillin’ and not as much about how you’re chillin’. We want to see all the delicious food and inspirational creations you come up with on the grill. Time to get your grill on!

The contest begins on Saturday, April 24th, and goes through Father’s Day. This gives you two months of fabulous BBQs to get your best shot. All you have to do is snap a picture, upload it to Facebook with the hashtag #whatsgrillin and be sure to tag Porter’s Mountain View Supply in the post. For those that want it simplified even more: SNAP, UPLOAD, HASHTAG, TAG. It’s our own version of the bend and snap. We’ll call ours the grill and snap.

Nothing like a good Legally Blonde reference to start grilling season because we know the women be grillin’ too!


There are awesome prizes to win and fun giveaways each week. Be watching Porter’s Facebook page for updates each week and of course to scope out the competition. It’s on! So what are you waiting for? Slap some meat on the grill and start your masterpiece!

And to show we’ve got your back, here’s a few awesome recipes to get you started.

Need a new grill before grillin’ and snappin’? We know just the place for that. Visit Porter’s at 750 East Sunset Drive in Riverton and let Leo hook you up!


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