Tigers solid at West Regional – Gose sets two regional records

It’s a shame they don’t have the 4×200-meter relay in Wyoming track and field for the Lander Tigers. Paced by senior Gage Gose with a new West 3-A Regional record time of 21.73 in the 200-meter dash, the Tigers placed three other sprinters in the event in Joel Bever, Matisse Weaver, and Jack Pasquinelli.

Gose also set another record, this one in the 110-meter high hurdles with a blistering time of 14.12.

Avery Crane winning her preliminary heat of the 200 – h/t Becky Crane

“Gage now has three 3A regional records, including the 300-meter hurdle record he set last year. His year-over-year progress as a sprinter is pretty stunning. At the end of last season, he realized that improving his speed was one way to become a better hurdler, and he’s worked really hard on that over the past year both on the track and in the weight room,” Lander head track coach Ben Gose said.


Reed McFadden can do just about anything in track and field, and he sprinted to a gold in the 400-meter dash.

Cousin to cousin – Reed McFadden passed to Matisse Weaver

“Reed can do a lot of events extremely well, so it was a challenge to choose just four, but it was really encouraging to see him do so well at regionals, and his workload will be spread out over three days at state vs. two at regionals,” Gose said.

The Lady Tigers didn’t win any individual events but the sprint medley relay team of Avery Bever, Bria Calvert, Ellie Kaufman, and Marlee Jones ran to first place in a time of 4:26.02.


“We put a lot more focus on our team performance at state than at regionals. We passed a fair number of prequalified athletes and relay teams through regionals for various reasons, so I think you’ll see a much stronger performance by both the boys’ and girls’ teams at state,” Gose said.

Kyndal McFadden breaks out of the exchange zone – h/t Becky Crane

Gose was pleased overall with many of his athletes and their performance in Worland over the weekend.

“Quinn Lasnoski started indoor running 5:22 in the 1600, he ran 4:45 yesterday, that’s quite an improvement. Mack White ran a good two-mile to qualify for state. A Huge PR for Tres (Pickerd) I believe in the shot. I’m encouraged about our chances in the throws at state on both the boys’ and girls’ side,” Gose said. “On the girls’ side, our sprinters are having great years, and have really improved their times over last year, masked somewhat by the fact that Worland has a couple of standout freshmen. Avery Crane, Avery Bever, Alexa Colman, Ellie Kaufman, and Bria Calvert all of them have been working hard since the indoor season.”

Ellie Kaufman warmed up for the 400 – h/t Becky Crane

He had praise for his hard-working distance girls as well, “It was really encouraging to see Ameya (Eddy) run so well in some highly competitive distance races, and Marlee Jones is really having a breakout season. Darian (Bell)also ran a good race in the 3200.”

State competition begins Thursday afternoon at Casper Kelly Walsh.

Class 3-A Girls Team Scores: 1. Powell 169, 2. Worland 160, 3. Pinedale 78.5, 4. Lander 77, 5. Mountain View 73.5, 6. Lyman 53, 7. Lovell 36, 8. Thermopolis 26


100 Meter Dash: 1. Kalistynn Crippen, WOR 12.61, 2. Avery Crane, LAN 12.76, 4. Avery Bever, LAN 12.86

200 Meter Dash: 1. Cherise Douzenis, WOR 25.85, 3. Avery Crane, LAN 26.33, 7. Alexa Colman, LAN 27.03

400 Meter Dash: 1. Cherise Douzenis, WOR 59.61, 4. Ellie Kaufman, LAN 1:01.93, 8. Bria Calvert, LAN 1:05.15  

Ameya Eddy and Marlee Jones battling in the pack – h/t Becky Crane

800 Meter Run: 1. Madison Antonino, PIN 2:24.41, 6. Ameya Eddy, LAN 2:26.56, 8. Marlee Jones, LAN 2:27.11

1600 Meter Run: 1. Madison Antonino, PIN 5:23.88, 3. Ameya Eddy, LAN 5:26.40, 4. Marlee Jones, LAN 5:36.94

Bria Calvert taking the baton from Avery Bever in the 4×100-meter relay – h/t Becky Crane

3200 Meter Run: 1. Madison Antonino, PIN 12:07.01, 5. Darian Bell, LAN 12:50.46

100-Meter Hurdles: 1. Jaylee Antonino, MV 14.93 :

300-Meter Hurdles: 1. Jaylee Antonino, MV 45.43

4×100 Meter Relay: 1. Worland 50.98, 2. Lander (Alexa Colman, Avery Crane, Bria Calvert, Avery Bever) 51.63

4×400 Meter Relay: 1. Worland 4:09.54, 4. Lander (Bria Calvert, Kyndal McFadden, Ava Gerlach, Ellie Kaufman) 4:17.27

4×800 Meter Relay: 1. Powell 10:23.98

Sprint Medley Relay: 1. Lander (Avery Bever, Bria Calvert, Ellie Kaufman, Marlee Jones) 4:26.02

Long Jump: 1. Sage Bradshaw, LYM 17-8.5

Triple Jump: 1. Ine Kollstad, POW 35-0.5

High Jump: 1. Jaylee Antonino, MV 5-5

Addison Rounds attempted a height – h/t Becky Crane

Pole Vault: 1. Mylie Micheli, MV 9-6, 5. Alexa Colman, LAN/Avery Crane, LAN 8-6

Shot Put: 1. Katy Dexter, PIN 40-0.5, 8. Teagen Pickerd, LAN 34-6

Discus: 1. Katy Dexter, PIN 141-11

Class 3-A Boys Team Scores: 1. Mountain View 158, 2. Powell 157.5, 3. Worland 95.5, 4. Lovell 94, 5. Lander 93, 6. Lyman 61, 7. Thermopolis 19, 8. Pinedale 10

100 Meter Dash: 1. Carson Eardley, MV 11.18, 5. Joel Bever, LAN 11.51

200 Meter Dash:  1. Gage Gose, LAN 21.73, 4. Joel Bever, LAN 23.66, 5. Matisse Weaver, LAN 23.89, 7. Jack Pasquinelli, LAN 24.00

400 Meter Dash: 1. Reed McFadden, LAN 51.30, 8. Aidan Russell, LAN 54.41

800 Meter Run: 1. Preston Nichols, LOV 2:02.02, 2. Reed McFadden, LAN 2:01.06  

1600 Meter Run: 1. Daniel Merritt, POW 4:36.25, 7. Aquinas Lasnoski, LAN 4:45.61

3200 Meter Run: 1. Trajn Swalstad, WOR 10:20.74, 7. Mack White, LAN 10:51.97

110-Meter High Hurdles: 1. Gage Gose, LAN 14.04, 3. Reed McFadden, LAN 15.07

300-Meter Intermediate Hurdles: 1. Carson Eardley, MV 39.92

4×100 Meter Relay: 1. Powell 45.55

4×400 Meter Relay: 1. Mountain View 3:31.87, 2. Lander (Reed McFadden, Matisse Weaver, Aidan Russell, Gage Gose) 3:32.40

Cade Hallock took the baton from Matisse Weaver – h/t Becky Crane

4×800 Meter Relay: 1. Worland 8:28.62

Sprint Medley Relay: 1. Mountain View 3:42.19, 4. Lander (Jack Pasquinelli, Joel Bever, Aidan Russell, Matisse Weaver) 3:47.15

Long Jump: 1. Nathan Dupont, POW 21-8

Triple Jump: 1. Cody Seifert, POW 43.4.75

High Jump: 1. Isaiah Woyack, POW 6-0

Pole Vault: 1. Carson Eardley, MV 13-0

Shot Put: 1. Dane Branson, MV 48-5.5, 2. Dylan Huelskamp, LAN 44-4, 4. Tres Pickerd, LAN 41-7.75

Discus: 1. Braydon Bradshaw, LMY 149-7, 8. Benjamin Shade, LAN 115-4   


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