Tiger swimmers close out 2018 with a bang

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    The LVHS boys swim team capped off a memorable 2018 with a loud-and-clear statement at a loaded meet.



    The Tigers won the Laramie Winter Invite last Saturday, outdistancing a powerhouse field of 4A teams.


    “I was super pumped on how well the kids performed in Laramie,” said Lander head coach Shawna Morgan. “One of our goals as a team was to win that meet and the kids stepped up to do it. We had some super fast swims including some huge personal best times for kids. That’s exciting to do midseason.”



    The next seven teams finishing behind the Tigers at the meet were from the 4A ranks. Competing against the larger schools provides an extra spark.


    “I think there is always some added motivation swimming against the big 4A powerhouses, but there is also some intimidation, too,” Morgan said. “We just have to find the balance between the two and use that to swim and dive our best.



    “I know Laramie was missing a couple of kids,” Morgan added of the second-place Plainsmen squad, “so we will have to swim even harder when we see them again at the Gillette Invite.”



    Morgan and the coaching staff are pleased with the progression of this group of Tigers. “The team is performing very well at this point in the season. We have an amazing team this year, with 10 kids qualified for the state meet and others that are quickly closing the time/dive score gap.


    “Our depth is extremely important when it comes to winning these big meets. Twelve places in each event score points, and we need everyone on our team to be there to make these wins possible.”


    Maintaining focus can be challenging during the two-week holiday break, but Morgan believes the Tigers are in a solid position.


    “We are halfway through the season and we can’t afford to lose momentum, but we feel it’s important to preserve family time, too,” she explained. “A big thank you to all the parents for putting holiday plans on hold so their sons could keep practicing and participate in meets over the break.”


    In the new year, LVHS looks to push forward and improve. “Our goals for the rest of the season stay the same,” Morgan explained. “We want everyone on our team to swim personal best times/dive personal best scores and qualify for state. We want every boy on the team to reach their individual goals, and as coaches we will do everything we can to help them get there.


    “It’s definitely time to get into the tough time of season and up our workout regiment.”


    One particular area of technical emphasis for the Tigers is turns. “We need to get in and off the wall quicker than we are right now,” she noted.


    LVHS will compete this Friday and Saturday in Powell.

    Laramie Winter Invite

    Dec. 29, 2018


    TEAM SCORES: 1. Lander 220.5, 2. Laramie 195, 3. Kelly Walsh 157, 4. Green River 156, 5. Cheyenne Central 142, 6. Thunder Basin 125, 7. Cheyenne South 118, 8. Cheyenne East 103


    200 Yard Medley Relay: 2. Lander (Nolan McFadden, Caleb Huelskamp, T Whiting, Ryan Brinda) 1:45.40, 20. Lander (Benaiah Dolence, Ross Anderson, Wilson Winn, Colton Wietzki) 2:10.87


    200 Yard Freestyle: 2. Nick Kulow 1:50.76, 16. T Whiting 2:06.62, 21. Colton Wietzki 2:10.77


    200 Yard IM: 2. Jonny Kulow 2:04.24, 23. Benaiah Dolence 2:33.97, 27. Ross Anderson 2:41.24, 33. Elijah Applegate 2:57.21


    50 Yard Freestyle: 3. Caleb Huelskamp 22.69, 11. Preston Plaisted 24.91, 42. Wilson Winn 30.18, 47. Dominic Tejada 30.94, 48. Warren Losch 31.10


    Boys 1 mtr Diving: 8. Preston Plaisted 167.20, 16. Dominic Tejada 122.95


    100 Yard Butterfly: 2. Ryan Brinda 57.42, 13. T Whiting 1:03.95, 32. Ramsey Eckhardt 1:27.38


    100 Yard Freestyle: 1. Jonny Kulow 48.95, 6. Nolan McFadden 53.84, 36. Elijah Applegate 1:08.20, 37. Wilson Winn 1:08.44, 41. Warren Losch 1:12.13, 44. Mason Kinney 1:13.75


    500 Yard Freestyle: 2. Nick Kulow 5:21.35, 12. Colton Wietzki 5:53.76,


    200 Yard Freestyle Relay: 2. Lander (Nick Kulow, Nolan McFadden, Preston Plaisted, Jonny Kulow) 1:32.49, 19. Lander (Ross Anderson, Elijah Applegate, Dominic Tejada, Mason Kinney) 2:01.37


    100 Yard Backstroke: 2. Nolan McFadden 1:00.19, 4. Ryan Brinda 1:00.77, 13. Benaiah Dolence 1:08.48, 31. Ramsey Eckhardt 1:23.39,


    100 Yard Breaststroke: 1. Caleb Huelskamp 1:02.40, 19. Ross Anderson 1:18.28, 20. Mason Kinney 1:19.26,


    400 Yard Freestyle Relay: 1. Lander (Nick Kulow, Ryan Brinda, Caleb Huelskamp, Jonny Kulow) 3:23.01, 10. Lander (T Whiting, Colton Wietzki, Benaiah Dolence, Preston Plaisted) 3:54.19


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